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There’re many things to love about being a Virgo. I’m a Virgo and while I do realize there’re traits to admire in other signs, I’ve fully embraced my true Virgo personality and you can do the same. After all, you’re uniquely you so why not embrace it? Don’t deny the Virgo in you; accept it and celebrate it. These are some things to love about being a Virgo.

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You’re Realistic

In the list of things to love about being a Virgo, this is an important one. Virgos are realistic people. They don’t allow themselves to get wrapped up in fantasies of things they know aren’t going to happen and they don’t go through life sugar-coating things. They aren’t pessimistic, they aren’t optimistic; they’re realistic. Being a realist is a valuable trait. You can offer a lot of balance to those in your life who aren’t realists.


You Give Your Best Effort

Virgos have a reputation of being perfectionists and that’s generally true. Being a perfectionist isn’t a totally wonderful thing because it means you tend to put pressure on yourself but there’s one good thing about it. You always give your best effort and that’s something to be proud of. It’s also something that will help you in your life. A person who gives their best effort is always admired.


You Know Yourself

It’s been said that there’s no need to criticize a Virgo because they’ve already done that to themselves. You know this to be true if you’re a Virgo. You know your good traits and your bad traits. You have the ability to be honest with yourself and that’s commendable. Not everyone can do this.


You’re a Loyal Friend

Virgos are loyal. When you make a true friend, your devotion to them is very strong. You’re the kind of friend that will stand beside someone even while they face some very difficult things. Your friends know they can count on you to be there for them. You’re in their corner and they love you for that.


You’re Analytical

No list of Virgo traits is complete without mentioning a Virgo’s tendency to be analytical. This may be the trait Virgos are best known for. Virgos do tend to analyze situations and think very systematically. But this can be a good thing. You approach life from a certain angle that can be counted on and it works for you.


You’re Giving

Virgos are giving people. You want to do what you can to make others smile. That means remembering birthdays and other special days in the lives of those you love. You’re also the kind of person that gives "just because" cards and gifts, especially when you know someone you love needs some cheering up. You love to make others smile.


You’re a Sensitive Soul

Under all that logic and analyzing, you’re still a sensitive soul. Virgos are deep beings and that’s something to treasure about yourself. And out of that depth of personality comes a sensitive soul. You feel things deeply as well as feeling for others, making you compassionate. Being sensitive means that you’re in touch with your heart and that’s a very good thing.

These are 7 things to love about being a Virgo. Which do you love about yourself? I’d love to hear what Virgo traits you’ve learned to embrace!

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Pretty much to the point!

Spot on.

I want to see Scorpio

Aquarius please

This is me 100% Virgo through and through

Aquarius please :D

Leo please :)

Trueee !:) that's me

I have a Virgo daughter, this is her to a T!

Virgos ❤️

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