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It’s almost time to bid adieu to Sagittarius season and what better way to end it than by taking a look at the best traits of a Sagittarius woman. What makes the fearless Archer special and one of the most loved signs of the Zodiac? It must be one of these amazing traits!

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You're Oh-so-optimistic

One of the best traits of a Sagittarius woman is her optimism. Everyone loves a glass full kind of person and that’s exactly what you are. It doesn't matter how hopeless or bleak a situation seems to be, you WILL always find a silver lining. You’re a happy soul who believes that bad times are temporary and that bigger, better things are just around the corner. In fact, your joy is contagious!


You Are Generous

You have a big ol’ heart and you’re always willing to help anyone you can, in any way you can. The best part? You do it all with a smile! You root for your dear ones wholeheartedly and genuinely wish them success in everything they do. Your friends know they can always count on you, no matter what, and you're usually the "It's the middle of the night and I have a problem. Which friend do I call?" friend.


You Love Adventure

You are spontaneous and always up for an adventure! You have a never-ending wanderlust (trust me I know) and you will not rest till you feel like you've seen it all, and done it all. It isn't hard to get you to try something new...in fact, you're probably the one coaxing everyone to try a rare food or a scary new activity.


You Are Open-minded

You are extremely tolerant when it comes to other peoples' opinions and beliefs. After all, no two people are alike, right? You are open to listening to everyone's views and giving them a chance and you rarely judge someone else for their life choices. People love you for your liberal outlook!


You Are Confident

You exude confidence at all times! The great thing about it is that it really gets you places. The not-so-great thing? That it can sometimes be misconstrued as overconfidence or as you being cocky.


You're Independent

You are fiercely independent and you value your freedom when it comes to anything in life, including relationships. You're more than happy to give your partner the space they need, because you understand that it's as important to have your own life as it is to have one together.


You're a Great Friend!

You’re an extrovert, you love people (and people love you), you’re generous, and you're so much fun to be with! In fact, there's not a single dull moment when you're around. It's no surprise then that you're considered to be an amazing friend by many!

These are the best traits of a Sagittarius woman. Overall, you see life as an adventure more than anything else. Nothing will hold you back, and nothing will get you down, not even the crummy times. You take it all in with a smile and that's what makes you awesome! How many of these traits do you have?

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Go sag!

That's me all over so true x

All of them are me 😍

True I'm all these (according to my friends) 😊😊

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