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7 Challenging Pisces Traits and How to Overcome Them ...

By Alicia

The Pisces is such an interesting horoscope sign to have. Your ability to be level-headed and fair in many circumstances is admirable. But like all signs, yours has some traits that can be challenging. You probably won’t see all of these in yourself. Just be on the lookout for the ones you do possess.

1 Indecisive

The Pisces can be indecisive. You definitely weigh your options in any situation and that’s not a bad thing. It’s good to not act hastily. But being indecisive can be a problem if struggle to arrive at a decision to the point it stresses you out or it takes you a tremendously long time to do so. Make a habit of weighing the pros and cons to help you make decisions.

2 Laziness

This isn’t a trait that rules your life but can be a bit of an issue if you’re not careful. As a Pisces, you may see a bit of laziness in yourself. It may just be in a small area of your life such as keeping your room clean or working out consistently. The goal is to pinpoint what areas that laziness is a problem for you and give yourself some motivation to overcome them. Promise yourself a reward such as a new pair of jeans or a night out with some friends once you see some progress in the area you’re struggling in.


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3 Over-sensitive

There’re times when a Pisces may be over-sensitive. You may feel hurt when someone really didn’t intend to hurt your feelings at all. Leave room for that possibility. Realize that a lot of times, you might be taking things wrong. To overcome this, realize that it’s possible you’re misreading the person’s intentions.

4 Scatterbrained

Being scatterbrained is a frustrating trait to deal with. It can cause a lot of chaos for you in your personal life. You may lose things frequently or forget important appointments. Luckily, putting some organization in place can help you overcome this. For example, have a designated spot for things and invest in a planner. There’s usually a solution for many of the problems that being scatterbrained can cause.

5 Escapist

Everyone has days when they’d love to do nothing more than escape. But a Pisces can make you more likely to feel this way. In fact, you may even try to actually escape whatever is causing you stress. You may completely avoid difficult situations. Reminding yourself that you have to deal with the situation sooner or later can help motivate you to do what you need to do.

6 Self-pity

You may tend to feel sorry for yourself when you’re down on your luck if you’re a Pisces. And while this’s something anyone can do, you tend to stay in self-pity a little longer than most. The trick to getting past feeling sorry for yourself is to shift your focus. Start thinking of all the good things you’ve got going on in your life. Things probably aren’t as bad as you thought they were.

7 Naïve

A Pisces has such a kind heart. Unfortunately, this can lead to you to being a bit naïve and being taken advantage of. Be careful to not let your kind heart overrule your head. It’s okay to be a bit of a skeptic. This can save you from falling into situations where others aren’t being completely honest with you.

These’re 7 traits that can be a challenge for a Pisces. Do you see any of them in yourself? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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