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7 TED Talks about Creativity That Will Inspire You ...

By Michelle

TED talks about creativity can help inspire you today. I think it’s incredibly important to incorporate creativity into your world. It helps you look at things differently, get messages across, and unite people with a commonality. Check out these TED talks about creativity and see for yourself!

1 Elizabeth Gilbert

Author of “Eat, Pray, Love,” Elizabeth Gilbert gives an incredibly motivational TED talk about creativity as she addresses creativity in her own life. She poses this great food for thought, saying, “Is it rational, is it logical that anyone should be expected to be afraid of the work that they feel they were put on this earth to do?” She points how people in the creative fields face more commentary from society than those with “sensible” jobs such as a chemical engineer. I think everyone should hear what Gilbert has to say.

2 Alexa Meade

I find her TED talk about creativity pretty unique. She’s an artist that does more than simply paint on canvases. She paints on people. She takes you into her world of art where she paints people using shadows to create what appears to be a 2-dimensional picture. It’s incredible to see how she came up with this form of art. I find it inspiring because it just goes to show that you can try anything you are passionate about.

3 Eric Whitacre

Composer Eric Whitacre talks about his virtual choir in his TED talk. He directed singers across the world through a youtube video to sing one of his songs. Then, he edited the tracks together with over 2,000 voices comprising his virtual choir. People from age 8 to 80 wanted to be a part. It’s beautiful to hear and see how people who love music can come together and sing no matter how far apart they are.

4 Charlie Todd

Charlie Todd loves acting and improv. He didn’t have a stage to work on, so he made the world his stage. The goal of improv is to create a non-violent scene, which Todd did in a public place, for the enjoyment of everyone around. I personally love the one stunt they did by sending 80 people wearing blue shirts and khakis into a Best Buy and just stand around. It’s hilarious! His creativity and use of improv to express himself amazes me.

5 Janet Echelman

Janet Echleman talks about why we need to take creativity seriously. She shares an experience she had traveling to India in which none of her artwork arrived. There, she needed to find new materials and found them in an unlikely place. She started working with lacemakers to perfect her art with fish nets. You have to check out what Echelman has to offer!

6 Ken Robinson

I absolutely love this TED talk by Ken Robinson. He talks about how schools are killing our creativity. Unless you go to a specialty school, there is not as much emphasis on the fine arts, especially dance. One aspect I liked about Robinson’s talk is that he points out how children are willing to try and make mistakes more so than adults. During a performance of his 4-year-old son’s Nativity show, the Wise Men came in and said respectively , “Here is Gold. Here is Myrrh. Frank sent this.” I find that hilarious because of the willingness of the child to take a shot with no guarantee.

7 John Bohannon

John Bohannon’s TED talk is very refreshing. He shows the use of dance to express a point over a powerpoint by example. It’s definitely unlike the other TED talks I have seen, but it’s point is sharp. Watch this well-choreographed dance to get what Bohannon is talking about. You don’t want to miss this!

TED talks about creativity help open your eyes to new ways of seeing art. Which TED talk did you enjoy? What are some other TED talks about creativity that you should check out?

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