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7 Quotes from Friends That Will Lift Your Spirits ...

By Holly

There are quotes from Friends that all of us can relate to. Whether you feel like you connect more to Joey, Ross, or Phoebe, they all have moments that appeal to us. If you’re a fan of the show, you’re sure to recognize these quotes from Friends:

1 True Beauty

True BeautyWhen a woman tries to tell Joey to eat healthier, he replies with one of the best quotes from Friends: “I’m curvy and I like it!” While he doesn’t seem like the typical role model, he’s someone we can all look up to. It’s important to be healthy, but you don’t have to be stick thin in order to be beautiful. All shapes and sizes look equally as fabulous.

2 Emotional Stress

Emotional StressWhen Rachel thought that she was pregnant, and then falsely found out that she wasn’t, she became upset. “How can I be upset over something I never had?” There are plenty of times when we cry over things that seem silly. Rachel proves that you should never feel badly about your emotions. Even if you’ve never had a relationship or a job, you can still be upset over it.

3 Female Issues

Female IssuesWhen Rachel was pregnant, she said, “No uterus, no opinion.” If a man has ever commented on your period or pregnancy, then you can relate to her annoyance. As much as men want to understand what we’re going through, it’s impossible for them to fully comprehend it all. Some things, only women can understand.

4 Downhill Life

Downhill LifeWhen Ross has a string of bad luck, he sarcastically says, “I guess things were just going too well for me.” We all get frustrated when our lives go downhill. It doesn’t seem fair, so we lash out. Everyone has had their moment where they reacted like Ross. When you’re met with one problem too many, it’s hard to keep your cool.

5 Desire for Love

Desire for LoveChandler once said, “I’m hopeless and awkward and desperate for love.” If you’re currently single, you can probably relate to this. After you see a cute couple, you can feel like you need to be in a relationship as well. Of course, that’s not the case. But at times, it can feel like all you want to do is curl up in someone’s arms.

6 Unreasonable Anger

Unreasonable AngerPhoebe once said to Ross, “I was so focused on being mad at you, I forgot what I was mad about.” Sometimes we get so absorbed with our anger that we act irrationally. If you’re stubborn, you’ll continue to be mad at a friend, even after you’ve forgotten why you were upset. When something like this occurs, it’s best to let the anger fade away. You don’t want to lose a friendship over something silly.

7 Cute Crushes

Cute CrushesWhen Monica sees Jean-Claude Van Damme, Rachel says, “Go tell him he’s cute. What’s the worst that could happen?" and Monica replies, “He could hear me.” We all have similar worries when it comes to our crushes. We don’t want to make a fool of ourselves, so we stay away in order to avoid embarrassment.

If you loved the show as much as I do, you've seen every episode more than once. I'm sure there are some scenes you know by heart. If that's the case, what’s your favorite quote from Friends?

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