11 Inspiring Quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt ...

I have always loved quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt. She was such an empowering, insightful and intelligent woman! She was the longest serving first lady of the U.S., and picked up so many nuggets of wisdom along the way, she did what any good woman would do – shared it! Everything from your dreams, your love life, ambitions, this lady had a way of putting everything you’re feeling in to words. So here are 11 inspiring quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt.

1. “a Woman is like a Tea Bag; You Never Know How Strong It is until It’s in Hot Water.”

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One of the best quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt describes women perfectly. This isn’t to be used as a platform for feminism, but a motivating quote to remind you that no matter what you go through in life, you will come out on top. We all have days when we feel like we can’t do something, or moments in our lives where we feel like everything hinges on just one moment. But guess what – like this first lady said, you’ll never know how strong you are until you’re not given a choice. So own your surroundings!

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