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We all need a reason to get out of a warm bed on a cold and bitter Monday morning and even the most insipid of personalities will find it hard not to be inspired by these motivational quotes on success that are guaranteed to make your day. Many of us struggle to get ourselves up at the crack of dawn and gee ourselves up for the day ahead. However a few words of wisdom can make all of the difference. Many of us expect success to fall at our feet, but a dissection of the following motivational quotes will give you the necessary drive and desire, enabling you to gain maximum satisfaction from your day.

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Creative Motivation

Creative Motivation I have learnt through experience that we should only strive to be the best we can and not base our success on comparison to others, which is why this is one of my favorite motivational quotes. Surely it makes more sense to chase your own dream rather than chase somebody else’s? You need to make the most of your abilities by constantly trying to better yourself rather than looking around and assessing the results of others.



Dreaming Nothing is impossible if you apply yourself. Whether it’s running marathons, building your own car from scratch or giving an important presentation, you name it, you can do it. There is a fine line between reality and fantasy so just make sure you stay sure-footed on the right side of reality. Remember you can dream your night away, but ensure you never wish your day away.


Try, Fail, Succeed

Try, Fail, Succeed You can play safe and live in your comfort zone knowing full well that you won’t fail, whilst also appreciating that you are never going to set the world alight. When you really push yourself to the limit you will start to raise your ambitions and realize that you could be on the verge of something great. Wouldn’t you rather give yourself the chance to be the one that over exceeded expectations rather than guarantee being the one that produced what everybody always expected of them? Even if you fail you will still be a hero in mine and everybody else’s eyes.


Today and Tomorrow

Today and Tomorrow Time waits for no man. A day spent doing nothing is a day wasted. Seize the day and make the magic happen. Whatever you do today means you have opportunity to do something else tomorrow. Be productive and this way you will give yourself options. After all, variety is the spice of life.



Change I am very lucky to have an incredibly supportive base of family and friends. However this group of people can only take me so far. Ultimately the destiny of my life lies in my hands. Don’t look to keep relying on others and be brave in the choices that you make. We can all stand with you at the crossroads but only you can decide on the right path to take.



Success They say the best things come to those that wait. However I have learned that the best things come to those who work hard and are committed and whole hearted in their approach to life. Exert every last drop of potential from your skill base and then ensure you make time outside of work to relax and pursue your interests. Be industrious and you will reap the rewards.


Desire Success

Desire Success Fear is just a four lettered word, success is forever. Be confident and fearless when faced with new challenges. Think of the pride you will feel when success arrives rather than all of the negative aspects we associate with disappointment. If you can visualise success and refrain from any thoughts of failure, then you will not go far wrong.


To Succeed in Life

To Succeed in Life People are quick to jump on you like a ton of bricks when things are not going smoothly. Remain confident in your ability and that way you can soon silence the critics. We are there to be shot at but keep faith in yourself and soon it will be you hitting your targets with consummate ease. Isn’t it most satisfying when you prove someone wrong?


Heart, Mind, and Soul

Heart, Mind, and Soul It is the small touches and that little attention to detail that makes all the difference. Spending that extra amount of time and giving something or someone that added thought will pay dividends in the final outcome. This will separate you from the rest. Going that extra step on what may seem a simple task will help you on the road to becoming extraordinary and as far removed from the masses who remain content being ordinary.


Success and Happiness

Success and Happiness Positive thoughts and an unmatched enthusiasm to succeed are pivotal to any success. You must be content in what you are doing or naturally you won’t be able to pour your heart and soul into the project. Can you really see any fulfilment in being successful and not happy? The secret is in combining the two together.

Ultimately, success is a very difficult word to define. For me, success is making the most out of your potential whilst always trying to better yourself. Be fully committed in everything you do, never judge yourself against others and you will stray a lot closer to success than you will failure. How would you define success? What motivational quotes have inspired you for the day ahead?

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