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Even though she was only with us for a short time, there are many quotes by Princess Diana that we're able to enjoy today. (Although technically she should be called Diana, Princess of Wales, I'm sure she won't mind us being a little less formal.) Each of these quotes gives us an opportunity to see why she is one most beloved public figures of all time. She was such a loving person and seemed to bring joy to everyone she met. Here's 7 inspiring quotes by Princess Diana.

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Kindness It's easy to see that Princess Diana had a giving heart. In both pictures and videos, you could tell that she loved people and truly wanted to help them. She didn't have an ulterior motive and didn't expect anything in return. She showed us that we should strive to treat others how we want to be treated. Among the many great quotes by Princess Diana, this one is definitely my favorite.


Heart Rules

Heart Rules Sometimes it can be difficult to follow your heart. This is especially true when your head is telling you to do the opposite. Princess Diana was a very courageous lady. She followed her heart even when it wasn't the most popular thing to do. She showed us that if you listen to your heat, you'll find happiness.



Hugs Even though it only takes a few seconds, many people rarely get hugged. Princess Diana knew how important it was to seek out anyone who was in need of a hug. She was always eager to hug both adults and children. Most people don't realize how much a hug helps others. If someone is having a bad day, a hug helps make their day just a little brighter.



Family Princess Diana seemed to be a wonderful mother. It's easy to see how much she loved her sons. She often stated that they were more important to her than anything. She wanted them to grow up to be well-rounded adults. I think she would be very proud of the wonderful young men her boys have become.



Princesses Many people thought that Diana had it all because she was a princess. When she and Charles wed, it looked like a fairy tale to outsiders. He was a prince and she was a beautiful young lady. Her glamorous wedding gown had 10,000 pearls and a 25 foot train. The wedding was broadcast to over 750 million viewers around the world. We all thought that it was perfect, but Princes Diana knew that it wasn't.



Intolerance Intolerance is still a huge problem in our society. We are quick to judge people for their opinions and behaviors, simply because they they are different from ours. Princess Diana recognized this and wanted everyone to accept each other for whom they are. In my opinion, we need to learn how to love each other regardless of how different we are. Just because we don't agree with the choices that someone makes, doesn't mean that we shouldn't love them.


Rich and Poor

Rich and Poor With this quote Princess Diana showed the world that she had a great sense of humor. Even though she did have a large amount of money, it didn't seem to matter to her. It seemed that what she really wanted was to be happy. Happiness was more important to her than any amount of money that she could obtain.

Princess Diana was such a wise woman. Do you have a favorite Princess Diana quote that's on this list or maybe one that's not? I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.

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Aw such a lovely lady. I wonder how different things might of been had she lived. Her pure heartedness was precious, as was her air of vulnerability considering who she was. Her sons grew up amazing, she would be so proud of them! A lovely thought. She is missed.

I love Princess Diana!!!! She's my role model and I'm her biggest fan !!!

Amazing quotes by the Princess of people's hearts ❤️❤️❤️

she is good

Proud to be british :')

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