12 Smart Decisions You'll Be Proud of This Time Next Year ...

By Deeceebee

Sometimes, to live the best life possible, you have to do things and make choices that might not affect you in the immediate short-term, but rather help to bring more positive results in the long term. They say that life is too short to worry about the future, but I happen to think that you should be doing the exact opposite! Here are twelve smart decisions you will be proud of this time next year.

1 Annual Girls Trip

You never know what might happen to distance your group of BFFs, but that won’t matter if you commit to starting a tradition of an annual girl’s trip. No matter where you are, you will always come back together.

2 Winter Sales Rack

Make the most of the offseason sales by buying your winter clothes when it’s hot! You will always get money off and will be prepared for the snow to come!

3 Give Clothing to Charity

Do an annual spring clean of your wardrobe and give what you don’t want to charity. It will make you feel good and give you room to buy new clothes throughout the year.

4 Less Driving

Set a goal for yourself to keep your car parked for at least one day every week and walk instead. That equals 52 more days of increased activity each year.

5 Library

Get back in touch with your imagination by signing up for a library card. You have a whole world of literature right there in your town waiting to be read!

6 Make Gifts

Save lots of money over the course of a year by spending time actually making gifts for friends and family rather than buying them.

7 Holiday Crafts

In a similar notion, handcraft your own Christmas decorations. Not only does it save money but you can also be more environmentally friendly by avoiding unrecyclables.

8 Automatic Bills

Take the stress out of your monthly utilities by setting up automatic payments for all of your bills.

9 Brown Bagging

Start brown bagging your lunch rather than buying from the cafeteria or going out to a restaurant with colleagues. You will be very happy with the savings you have made in twelve months’ time.

10 Tennis

Have a go at taking up tennis. It’s a much more active sport than you might think, and it can also be social if you have a few friends to play doubles with!

11 Rdio

Cancel your monthly Spotify or Apple Music subscription and use Rdio instead. It’s a free music programme that puts together collaborative playlists, doing an equally great job music wise.

12 401K

Start contributing to your 401K right now! It might not affect you in the here and now, but in years to come you will definitely be happy that you got ahead of the game.

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