Inspiration to Make 2019 the Year of Overcoming

Christopher Humes

Inspiration to Make 2019 the Year of Overcoming

Life can really get you down sometimes. Someone is always getting on your nerves, you got man problems, cable news is giving you an upset stomach. Your job isn’t working out the way you planned, or you haven’t gotten the job you planned to get.

Yeah, sometimes it seems like the whole world is caving in, but you have to be strong. There is a lot in life that will let you down and even leave you in tears. But, if you just hold on, tears of joy are on the way.

There is no denying. Lately, there has been plenty to be disgusted about. You wonder how in the world did things get so bad, seeming like nobody cares, like there is no accountability for anything. People hurting one another; people hurting themselves.

Amidst all of the chaos, I know there is a God. For those who don’t believe in God, you have to at least believe there are a few good humans who still care. A few who will stand up for everyone and for everything that’s right.

It could be a friend offering to babysit so you can go to that job interview. It could be an activist fighting to protect women’s rights. It could be someone featured on CNN Heroes doing good, or a simple conversation with a senior citizen who has been alone for years, after losing the love of her life. It could even be the hope of finding common ground in the midst of a troubled world.

I believe. I believe there is still some good left in this world. Among all of the heartbreaking news reports, the arguing, fighting and hate. Amidst all of the abuse, evil and among suffering children… there is still hope. Things have got to get better and they will. Whether in your personal life or the life of the world, things cannot stand as they are. They will get better.

As I said, there has got to be a few good humans out there. There are solutions to your hurt, the world’s hurt and that ever-present thing called adversity. The answer is coming! With so much going on you wonder; how can anyone hold on. All the worry, all the pain, all the backstabbing and clap backing. When does it end? It ends today. It ends today with a newfound attitude. An attitude of defiance of everything bad and backwards going into the New Year.

Make 2019 the year of overcoming. Overcoming stress and anxiety. Overcoming old relationships and breaking into new ones. Setting goals and achieving them. Losing weight and losing losers. Getting your world back! Getting your groove back! Getting your life back! Getting involved! Getting up and waking the world up, and returning to decency! Like the godfather of soul, James Brown used to say, “I need some get back!”

What James Brown said is cool. In context, he was really talking about getting back at someone who stole his cash and his woman. What I’m talking about is taking back what life tried to steal from all of us. I guess for some of you that includes your man lol. Are you ready to take life back this coming year? I know I am.

So yeah, ready set 2019… the year of overcoming!