5 Inspiring 🌈 Ways to Be Content ✌️ with What You Have πŸ™ ...

With so much to see and get obsessed with online, it is sometimes easy to fall in to a mood where you aren’t satisfied with what is going on in your own life, and the things you actually have. Sure, it’s okay to take a peek and see what the lifestyles of the rich and famous are like, but you should never become overly disillusioned with your own life as a result. Here are five ways to be content with what you have.

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One simple thing you can do to feel contentment with what you have is to do a thorough spring clean. Your home environment will immediately look neater, nicer, and generally just more appealing, and it will give you a boost of self-confidence in the things and the space that you own.

2. Pay Cash

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Eliminate the overhanging dread of debt by just paying cash for your non essentials. Knowing you have paid for them within your means makes you feel better about having them.

3. Memories

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Work on attaching good memories to things that you own, so that when you are feeling bad about your lot, you can look back and think that if you didn’t have what you do have, you wouldn’t have those nostalgic and heart-warming memories to along with them.

4. Consider the Cost

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When you are starting to get jealous of how the Kardashians live, just bring yourself back down to earth by considering how much it would cost you to do even 5% of what they do! It’s better to live more simply and have your cash still in the bank!

5. True Needs

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Try to look at things from a more mature angle and just understand and accept what your true needs are. Materialism is never going to feed your soul that way that being stable and happy and surrounded by loved ones is.

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