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Small but Vital Changes to Improve Your Life in the New Year ...

By Alison

Do you need to make some small changes to improve your life? Most of us never keep our New Year Resolutions, probably because they're not realistic or because they're too ambitious. But you can make a positive difference to your life with simple, achievable steps. Here are some small changes to improve your life in the New Year …

1 Improve Your Diet

One of the small changes to improve your life can be improving your diet. You don't have to make a drastic change; instead, focus on a few simple things. Introduce some organic products, eat more wholemeal bread, or eat some fruit every day. Also cut out some of the baddies. Save sodas for an occasional treat, and bake cakes instead of buying them, so you can still enjoy cakes but without additives.

2 Carry out Plans

Is there something you've been wanting to do, but never got around to? Make this the year that you follow through. Book that evening class you fancy, buy some art materials and start sketching, or smarten up your garden. Do something that you can really enjoy and look forward to.

3 Get a Great Cut

Never underestimate the power of a great new haircut! It can make you feel revitalised and like a new person - or a new, improved version of yourself. You could be bold and experiment with a new color or a completely different cut. It doesn't need to cost a lot - check out your local training school if you're on a budget. But when you get the right cut, you'll feel amazing.

4 Declutter the House

It's hard to get motivated when your house is disorganised or messy, so work on tidying and organising it. Since it's a new year, get rid of things that you no longer need, like or have a use for. Once your environment is fresher, you'll feel different. Once you've got rid of some of your unwanted possessions, work on anything that needs fixing. Make your home a place you love to be!

5 Get in Touch

Have you (like me) been meaning to get in touch with an old friend or relative all year? And now the year is over and you still haven't made that call? Pick up your phone and surprise your friend, or send them a message and invite them for a coffee. Reviving an old friendship could bring a very positive vibe to your life; at the very least you'll have an enjoyable hour or two in their company.

6 Sort out Your Sleep Pattern

Is your sleep pattern all over the place? Are you having trouble falling asleep or waking up early? The problem could be caused by using your phone or laptop late at night, which is causing sleep problems for a lot of people. Switch off your laptop an hour before going to bed, and banish your phone from the bedroom.

7 Learn to Relax

Lastly, learn how to relax. It's surprising how difficult we can find that! But it will do you a lot of good. Listen to meditation music or recordings, practise yoga or simply find time to switch off and let your thoughts wander wherever they want to go.

Small things like this can bring great benefits, so take some small steps and improve your life in the new year. What are your plans for the coming year?

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