Discover How to Hold Yourself Accountable for Your Life ...


Discover How to Hold Yourself Accountable for Your Life ...
Discover How to Hold Yourself Accountable for Your Life ...

Throughout life you may find that you need ways to hold yourself accountable. Sometimes, it is hard to realize where we can change ourselves for the better. It can be hard to take the blame for your own wrongs. Use these few ways to hold yourself accountable and change your life for the better.

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Face Every Failure

The most powerful of all of the ways to hold yourself accountable is to face every failure head on. It makes you realize that your biggest fears may be able to come true, but they cannot stop you if you are determined to succeed.


Keep a Running Tally

Start a tally list for each day. Then during the weekends, compile the tallies into a week- long list. At the end of each month, compile your weekly tallies into a monthly list. Lastly, at the end of the year look back upon your tallies. Now, there are no rules for these tallies. You can keep a list of the number of times you remembered to do something vs. the number of days and so on. The main focus should be to accomplish as much as you can.


Ask for Advice

If you struggle with finding ways to keep up with yourself, you are not alone. Ask for the advice of others. They may not have it altogether either. However, together you may be able to fill in voids of what you are both missing.


Look at Your past Objectively

When it comes to personal accountability, it is crucial to look at your past. However, you must be careful to remain objective. Allowing yourself to feel emotion as you try to gauge how well you are doing in life can often set you back instead of moving you forward. That being said, look at your past. See where you went wrong and come up with positive solutions for your future.


Plan Stuff

Sometimes it is easy to fall away from goals and objectives simply because they are not set in stone. When you write things down they have a stronger hold on your memory rather than just thinking them or saying them out loud. You can start very small. Take a sheet of paper and write your long term goals for the New Year and write down your short-term goals for each month as well. Put this list in a place where you will see it each and every day.


Tell Loved Ones about Your Plans

You know how little kids always tell their parents exactly what they want to be when they grow up? It is sort of like they are setting up a reminder years in advance. It is also a strategy that you can use to keep you accountable. Tell a few of your closest family and friends where you want to go and who you want to become. Naturally, when you fall off the rails, they will be able to remind you of these aspirations with the love and care that you need.


De-Stress ASAP

Stress causes all of us to do really weird things. It can make our metabolism freak out. It can cause your emotions to go haywire too. When you know that you are stressed, take actions immediately to release that stress. It will be harder to have personal accountability under such strenuous conditions.

The world can be a daunting place. There is so much to do and so much to see. How will you hold yourself accountable for your dreams this year?

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