7 Reasons Why You Should Feel Blessed and Pinch Yourself Every Day ...

We all have those moments when we think life is a complete disaster, but there are always reasons why you should feel blessed instead. In times when we’re depressed, we sometimes lose track of what we have in our life; however, if we would just open our eyes, we would see it isn’t so bad after all. Counting your blessings lies in the little things in life, even though those seem so normal and natural to us. Here are 7 reasons why you should feel blessed every single day.

1. You Have Family and Friends

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Having people around you who love you for who you are is one of the most important reasons why you should feel blessed. Over the years, some people may take their family and friends for granted, and although it sometimes happens by accident, it’s important to realize how special they actually are. Your family and friends have known you for years; you can talk to them about silly things, as well as the important steps in life. You can laugh and cry with them and it’s all OK.

2. You Have a Home

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What’s better than to come home after a long day of work, kick off those heels and relax on the couch? Having a house (or apartment) to call your home is one of the best feelings ever. I think most of you are familiar with the urge to have a space for yourself, after sharing rooms and flats for years during college. The privacy of your own home and the fact that you have a roof over your head is priceless. It’s your sanctuary, even if it’s a rental, and you can decorate it any way you want, have guests over or just simply enjoy the peace in solitude.

3. You Have a Job

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Some of you may know people who have lost their job. Others may have lost their job themselves. So being able to get up to go to work every morning is a valid reason to feel blessed. Even if you don’t enjoy your work, it’s important to realize that you’re able to pay your bills and your student loans every month. And if there’s something left to do something fun, it’s even better. Having a job is also a blessing for other reasons, since learning and developing yourself will take you to the next step in life.

4. You Are Healthy

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Your health is what keeps you alive, so if you wake up being healthy, life can’t be that bad. Too often, we’re confronted with how vulnerable we actually are. We see this in our own environment, when people become ill or when they die, but also on the news, where they show people whose lives are unexpectedly lost. It’s also a privilege to be able to maintain your health by eating healthy and taking care of your body. We should never neglect our health and we should try to prevent illnesses as much as we can, simply because we are able to, to a certain extent.

5. You Have a Choice

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There are so many people in this world who don’t have a choice in life. They are not only in third world countries, but also in our own country. Having a choice is a luxury, but it’s so normal to most of us that we don’t even realize it. When we’re young, we’re asked what we want to do with our life. When we’re older, we get to decide where we want to live and we can choose our own partner to spend our life with. I think that being able to make your own choices in life is a beautiful thing that shouldn’t be overlooked. Freedom is a very powerful thing.

6. You Can Take Care of Yourself

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Being able to take care of yourself is pretty cool and I remember it was a pretty big transition when I left my family’s home when I was younger. But it was fun and I felt independent when I realized that taking care of myself comes with so many different aspects. If you have the ability to take care of yourself, you should use it to take good care of yourself. Let’s face it, no one else is going to do it for you, and that’s just fine. Taking care of yourself gives you the power to be in charge of your own life and everything in it.

7. You Can Be Yourself

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Being yourself is a pretty special thing, when you take into consideration that so many people are not able to be themselves for many reasons. Isn’t it great that you are being accepted by your family, friends and others for who you are? And that you don’t have to pretend to be someone else? In some environments, you may have the feeling you have to pretend to be someone else, but even then you have a choice of saying, “This is who I am. Take it or leave it.”

We all live our busy lives, as we study, work and do our own things. But sometimes it just hits us and suddenly we realize that we are extremely blessed with the lives we have. It can happen anytime, anywhere, while doing some of the simplest things in your daily routine. We pinch ourselves and ask, “Is this life for real?” Yes, it is! When was the last time you felt blessed? And what exactly did you feel blessed about?

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