6 More Questions You Should Stop Asking Yourself over and over ...

By Clarrie

6 More Questions  You Should Stop  Asking Yourself  over and over  ...

There are just some questions you should stop asking yourself. Remember my article on about six unhelpful questions that you should stop asking yourself over and over again? (read it here if you missed it 6 Questions 🤔 You Should Stop 🛑 Asking Yourself ❓❔ to Curb Your Self Doubt 🤐 ... @Clarrie) Well, it just so happens that those six aren’t the questions you should stop obsessing over! If you made the effort to stop asking yourself those first six questions and have found that you are a much happier person because of it, then why not add these next six into the mix to achieve an even higher state of personal happiness and well being? Here are six more questions you should stop asking yourself over and over. Trust me, they are just as significant as the first batch!

Table of contents:

  1. how do i get revenge on my enemies?
  2. how can i cheat death?
  3. how can i get more?
  4. why is this happening to me?
  5. do they really love me?
  6. am i good enough?

1 How do I Get Revenge on My Enemies?

If you become too preoccupied with getting revenge on the people who have wronged you in your life, then you will do this at the expense of your own personal growth and happiness. Don’t focus on grudges of the past, instead look toward the future and concentrate on creating a better life for yourself through positivity rather than negativity. This is definitely one of the questions you should stop asking yourself.

2 How Can I Cheat Death?

This is a deep, philosophical one. Lots of us spend too much time thinking about death: when it is going to happen to us, how is it going to happen, and, is there any way to run from it? The truth is that the only thing you can do is stay as healthy as possible, so coming up with elaborate trains of thought about cheating death isn’t going to be productive for anyone.

3 How Can I Get More?

A lot of people out there would be a lot happier and more content if they focused on what they had rather than what they could have if circumstances were better. If you live a relatively comfortable life but still find yourself lost in thought about all the material things that you don’t have, then you can easily find yourself stuck in a rut.

4 Why is This Happening to Me?

You need to spend less time feeling sorry for yourself about a particular life event or situation and spend more time being proactive and looking for ways to improve your situation as quickly as possible. Those who dwell on self-pity often can’t find the answers.

5 Do They Really Love Me?

An insecure or vulnerable person can tie themselves up in knots agonizing over a question like this. There is no other way to know if a person loves you other than them saying so, so trying to get deeper into their heads to see if they really mean it is a completely fruitless exercise.

6 Am I Good Enough?

It’s as simple as this: if you in the process of doing something, a new job, a new relationship, a new adventure, then the sheer fact that you are doing it as you think means that you are good enough! Don’t compare yourself to others - it always ends in a negative spiral.

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