Things You Need to Be Brutally Honest about to Move Forward to a Better You ...

Clarrie Jackson

Things You Need to Be Brutally  Honest  about to Move Forward  to a Better You  ...

There are some things you need to be brutally honest about if you want to change. If we’re being honest, there are things about all of us that we wish were different. These can be physical things or emotional things, but no matter what kind of issue you are personally having, the truth is that sometimes being dishonest with yourself about the extent of it can often lead to a feeling of hopelessness, helplessness and a definite feeling of treading water with no progress. The start of a new year is always a good time to assess these kinds of problems in your life, and I have a few tips that can help you along the way. Here is a list of things you need to be brutally honest about if you want to change.

1 Social Media Regret

You spend too much time on social media, you know it! From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, you are living more of your life online than outside, and this is something that you should be looking to change in order to improve your life outside of the comfort of your home. It's definitely one of the top things you need to be brutally honest about if you want to change.

2 Bad Reactions

Do you have a tendency to react badly to change, or to news that you didn’t necessarily see coming? Getting your emotions in check is a really important part of maturing as a person and growing into the best version of yourself. Most of these reactions stem from insecurity, so it’s definitely worth addressing.

3 Avoiding Risks

If you never want to leave your comfort zone to try new things and reach for new heights, you are never going to progress in your life. The only way that you can move forward and evolve is if you assess new challenges and take the risks that you think are worth it. It can be scary but oh so satisfying!

4 Money Mindfulness

You spend too much money on completely unnecessary things, which can sometimes lead to missing out on events and other situations that you would love to be a part of but cannot pay for. Try to curve excess spending so that you can pay for other more exciting and worthwhile things down the road.

5 Other’s Opinions

You can never become your true self if you spend too much energy worrying about what others think of you. The fact of the matter is that nobody in the world is liked by everyone, and rather than changing yourself to try to win them over, focus instead on your personal qualities and give your time to the people who love and respect you for being strictly yourself.

6 Blaming

Spend less of your energy looking for someone to blame for a situation, and more time looking for a solution to the problem. Changing this energy from negative to positive can be a really healthy change in your life, changing not only your mindset but also the pace of your problem solving.

7 Being Self-Obsessed

You might not want to accept it but, but the truth is that people don’t think about you as much as you might think they do. When you can teach your brain that you aren’t the centre of everybody’s focus, then you might find that a weight is lifted from your shoulders and you are freer to be yourself.

8 You Don’t Need a Partner to Complete You

Being in a relationship can be wonderful, but you should not see it as the be all and end all of feeling complete. You should feel just as satisfied being single and successful as coupled up. Having a partner is nice, but it shouldn’t define who you are as a person.