Learn 🤓 to Let Go 👋 ...

It's time to learn to let go.

Learning to let go is a lot easier said than done. The hurt along with the memories attached leave us holding on to words unsaid and feeling untold only to have us hurt ourselves on top of the hurt received.

How do we let go when we still care? After losing the love of your life or a best friend? It first starts with forgiveness. Whether it involves you forgiving someone who did wrong to you or forgiving yourself for doing wrong to another, we have to first forgive. Then, ask yourself, how does reliving the past benefit you? How does it make you feel after consistently replaying the situation in your head? How do you learn to let go?

If none of these lead to a positive outcome, remove it at once. If we had the knowledge of the effects of negative thinking and what it does to our minds, spirit and the body, we would then realize the true power our thoughts have and how they impact our lives on the inside and around us.

Now, ask yourself how much you love yourself. If we grow to hate the person who hurt us, will we not then become our own enemy? Inflicting the same pain we hold the past accountable for? Know that we are in charge of our life simply by our thoughts and energy. You want a better life? Think of it then work for it. Be happy and at peace. You're hungry? Cook something. The whole thing is not only what you want but what you deserve. Once you discover that, you will discover the power within you that allows all positivity into your life and not one negative situation will stop you from obtaining all you desire.

Forgive, love and peace. When these three fall into place, all falls into place.

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