6 Questions You Should Stop Asking Yourself to Curb Your Self Doubt ...


6 Questions You Should Stop Asking Yourself to Curb Your Self Doubt ...
6 Questions You Should Stop Asking Yourself to Curb Your Self Doubt ...

There are some questions you should stop asking yourself. Do you ever get in that head space where you can’t focus on or achieve any task because you are too busy asking yourself questions that aren’t productive or helpful? From little things to more serious things, our brains can sometimes be the absolute worst for productivity and general life progression.

For one reason or another, we insist on repeating some of these age old questions to ourselves. They are questions we obsess over, even though we know full well that they are either questions that can never be truly answered or questions that are fully designed to make us feel bad about ourselves. Here are six such questions that you really need to stop asking yourself over and over. Here are questions you should stop asking yourself.

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What’s Wrong with Me?

This is one of the top questions you should stop asking yourself. These four words can be so damaging and unhelpful. If you are feeling down in the dumps, then the problem is most likely not with you personally, but with an event, person or situation that is happening around you. Because this is happening externally, there is nothing wrong with you, but your mind sees your unhappiness as a personal failure and proceeds to demand an explanation even though there isn’t one!


When Will My Ship Come in?

Many people have a tendency to bemoan their lack of luck or success rather than being proactive and working toward changing their circumstances. Asking yourself when it is going to happen is just taking time away from you. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, get on the front foot and guide that ship home rather than waiting for it to turn up without direction!


Do I Look Fat in This?

This is not a question that ever ends well, because for some reason, even if you ask it and you or somebody else says no, there is always that tiny voice in the back of your head that tells you otherwise. No matter what you are wearing, you are always going to look the same weight, so please don’t worry about this silly rom-com style question anymore!


Who Will Complete Me?

You need to regard yourself as an already complete person, and if somebody happens to come into your life that makes you even more happy and safe, then regard that as an added bonus. Any woman who sees herself as incomplete or not whole without a partner is destined for a life of dissatisfaction.


What Will People Think?

Having a general self-awareness around others is a good thing, but not to the extent that you are constantly putting the opinions of others over your own. You need to have courage in your convictions and not worry too much about what other people think.


How Can I Convince Everyone I’m Right?

Short answer, you can’t! If you feel the need to assert your correctness over everyone in your life all the time, then you won’t be a very fun person to be around. Learn to embrace the differences of opinion in people, and don’t try to align every single person and situation to your liking.

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