Only You โ˜๏ธ Can Control ๐Ÿ”„ Who You Let into Your World ๐ŸŒŽ ...

Did you know you can control who you let into your world?
We as a human race believe we can control what goes on in our world. We believe we can control how our day will happen, what type of job weโ€™ll get, how people will treat us, how traffic will operate, and more. The reality and sadly the truth is we can only control ourselves.

I had a great conversation with a friend of mine about what I will be disclosing. During our talk, he was frustrated and irritated with his living and social situations. I, of course, listened to his needs and his perspective on his current situation. After he was done venting, it was time to set the record straight as I will now indulge with you the fine readers.

Your life is your personal world. You know you canโ€™t change the events that are predestined to happen (weather, solar system, animals, and plants, etc.) but you can control who you let into your world and tell them how to conduct themselves. You however canโ€™t control what they do and how they do it. You canโ€™t control their thoughts and feelings. You canโ€™t control where they are going in life. The things you can control are again, who and what YOU allow.

If you allow people to be a part of your world and they continuously disregard your values, then it is you who deserve the blame for allowing them in it. Of course you may not have known their deeper intentions at first but once you do, you have the choice to kick them out of it. If someone says something negative to you, why get beside yourself and indulge in their ignorance? They are not in your world physically threatening you or yours. Kick them to the curb where they belong. Donโ€™t engage with them because you are giving them access to your world. If you see a situation happening that does not involve you and you decide to get involved, you are not only intruding into someone elseโ€™s world but deserve the consequences. Stay in your world and be at peace to the best of your ability. By stepping out or letting someone else control your world, it is only going to make your life worse than it actually is. You have the right to how you want your life to be. It is you who has the right to allow how you will live your life. You have the right to have whoever you want in your life. But if you give your world up to someone or something, then is it their world and not yours thus, youโ€™ll have a world war going on in your own backyard.

I never will tell you, fine readers, that changing your perspective on life will be easy. It will be difficult and you will struggle. It took me almost eight years to cultivate this mindset. But having this type of mindset, will allow you to actually see who people really are for what they do. Donโ€™t ever give up your world to anyone or to unpleasant situations because once you do, it will no longer just be your world.

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