7 Powerful Quotes from Yoda That Are Lessons in Life ...

If you were a youngster when you first watched Star Wars, you definitely would have got the impression that Yoda was wise, but you may not have realized that quotes from Yoda were opening the door to personal development and spirituality. Our little green friend has a lot of life lessons to share, and even with his rather odd syntax, he distills these lessons into short and memorable sayings. Let’s examine some of the quotes from Yoda and understand what he was telling us.

1. Fear

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One of the most important quotes from Yoda to Luke Skywalker is his warning about fear. Yoda may be referring to the Dark Side of the Force but this warning is relevant to all of us. How many times in your life has fear held you back? How many times will it hold you back in the future? There are plenty of times where not saying something, not speaking up or not taking an action through fear can give rise to unpleasant consequences. Be bold and confront your fears.

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