10 Notes to Self That Will Make You Happier and Stronger ...


10 Notes to Self That Will Make You Happier and Stronger ...
10 Notes to Self That Will Make You Happier and Stronger ...

Sometimes in life, you need to be willing to do the hard things to get to the good. In an ideal world, we would all be 100% happy all the time without having to make an effort, but there is definitely a lot of self-care involved in maintaining happiness and inner strength. There are lots of different ways that you can go about this. Here are ten notes to self that will help to make you a stronger and happier person.

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You Need to Choose Yourself Today

One of the most important notes to self is to stop prioritizing others over yourself. You might be someone who naturally wants to help everybody, but unless you are comfortable and content in your own life, the help that you give isn’t going to be ideal and it’s going to draw from your own already low levels of energy.


Start before You Feel Ready

Stop waiting for the ‘perfect time’ to start something that you have been anxious about because your mind will try to trick you into never doing it. Make the effort to start something before you feel ready because the truth is you might never feel ready.


Actions Speak Louder than Words

Don’t just sit around talking about things that might make you happier, actually set the plans in motion to do them. Actions speak louder than words, and they can also make you feel more complete.


Delete Your Distractions

Try to eliminate everything from your life that is proving to be a detrimental and unhelpful distraction. Leave toxic friendships, unreleased yourself from responsibilities that make you unhappy.


Embrace Discomfort

Don’t be afraid of a little struggle, because it is in going through struggles that you can come out on the other side a much happier person. Nothing good ever happened effortlessly.


Struggle for Progress

If you are someone who has lofty ambitions, then there is always going to be a period of struggle before you achieve your dream. Think about this as a struggle for progress rather than impossible obstacles.


No Excuses

No excuses, no shortcuts, no blaming other people for your current circumstances. It’s time to take responsibility for your own life, and when you finally can accept that you are the main force in your own existence, you can really start to make things happen.


Embrace Surroundings

Don’t get too down in the dumps about your current surroundings. The key to a more positive attitude is to make the best out of a worse situation rather than continue to blame it for all of your misfortune.


Love What You do

If you are in a job that you hate, LEAVE IT. You need to be doing something that you love to stay on top of your positivity and harbor a happy atmosphere.


Focus on What You Can Control

Put all of your energy and focus into things that only you can control. It is a losing game to rely on the actions and decision of other people that are out of your control.

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