5 Ways to Wake up Happier than You Did Yesterday ...

By Deeceebee

5 Ways to Wake up  Happier  than You Did Yesterday  ...

When it comes to being happy and content in life, all we can ever really hope is to feel better about ourselves each and every day when we wake up in the morning. If you can rise in the mornings feeling better than you did the day before, and then the next day, and then the next day, then you know that you are building an increasingly positive bubble around your life that will help you to feel much more satisfied as every new challenge comes along. Here are five ways to wake up happier than you did yesterday.

Table of contents:

  1. let in the sunshine
  2. don’t hit the snooze button
  3. turn on the music
  4. always have water to hand
  5. make the decision to power down

1 Let in the Sunshine

Get those curtains open early rather than hiding under your duvet. The sunlight will stop your body’s flow of melatonin, which is the thing that keeps you feeling tired and grumpy for longer in the mornings.

2 Don’t Hit the Snooze Button

No matter how much you want to, do not press that snooze button. In those ten minutes of reprise, your body can start falling back into heavy sleep again, and this will just make it much harder to get yourself out of bed when the time finally runs out.

3 Turn on the Music

Wake up to a radio rather than a harsh alarm, because hearing music and something with rhythm can help to activate your brain in a much kinder and more pleasant way in the early morning. Music will encourage you to be more alert, whereas an alarm will probably just have the effect of annoying you and making you grumpy from the off.

4 Always Have Water to Hand

Keep a bottle or glass of water by your bedside and make sure that you start drinking from it as soon you as begin stirring in the morning. The sooner that you can start to make up for the fluids that you lost overnight, the more positive and active you are going to feel in the early parts of the day.

5 Make the Decision to Power down

You will find that you have a much more meaningful and replenishing sleep if you can stay away from electronic screens for an hour or so before actually hitting the pillow. It helps your brain to wind down.

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