Things Everyone Can do to Feel More Productive ...


Things Everyone  Can do to Feel More Productive ...
Things Everyone  Can do to Feel More Productive ...

I admit, sometimes it can feel "boring" to do what you always do. But truth is, what you do is interesting to everyone because not everyone does what you do.

But still, there are days we want to try something "new" because we see everywhere on the Internet (social media) how people are so productive and they have such "great" lives, they travel everywhere, and more!

Now, you always have to remember that these photos are the highs of their lives. They don't always look like that, or do things like that.

Anyways! Back to our topic. When you feel like you want to do something new, here are some suggestions!!

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"I don't know how to paint/draw" No worries anymore! We now have what you call the "Numbered painting kit" ❤️ You literally just paint the portion according to the color number. And then baam! You have a piece of art. What better thing to do than have your own piece of art and at the same time relieve some stress and get into a new hobby?



For people without a "green thumb" I suggest succulents.
They are incredibly easy to grow. Especially since they don't require so much help or looking after. You can just spritz water once every two weeks, and keep them in the sun for a while.

And since you can put them indoors, they also add a new, modern interior design in your home! Give it a click of your phone and put in on Instagram! You'll feel better once you do something like this;- requiring responsibility, however small.



You might not want to read a book because of your busy schedule, or just because you're not into books. But try one. It won't hurt and you get to learn new things. There a lots of books for people that are easy, not too long and fun! Here are some of my favorites!
- The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
- Love - Lang Leav
- The Tales of Beedle the Bard


You don't always have to do grand things to feel "productive".
You can always just start with the little things - invest in small hobbies and try to find who you are!

Being in your comfort zone can be exhausting at times, and what you can do to change that is to do the little things you don't do every day.

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😎👍👍👍👏👏✌️✊💪= SPLENDID advice & guidance, “Super~Miki”!!! ESPECIALLY regarding the BOOKS📖 & reading!👍👍.... Glad to add you on my reading list here, for more wisdom to come!🌈🌟

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