8 Important Things to Remember when You're Suffering from Low Self-Esteem ...


8 Important Things to Remember when You're Suffering from Low Self-Esteem ...
8 Important Things to Remember when You're Suffering from Low Self-Esteem ...

At some point in our lives, we all feel a little lost and empty, not knowing who we belong with or who to trust, primarily because we fail to trust ourselves enough. We want to do all the things that people normally do except we feel like there’s this certain something that’s holding us back, preventing us from living every moment to the fullest and enjoying life fearlessly.

At these times, the most important thing to be kept in mind is the fact that we’re never alone and that there is a ginormous number of people out there going through the exact same thing as we are because nothing is as scary as feeling like there’s no one around who understands our state of mind.

The following are other essential things we should remind ourselves every time we’re feeling low.

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It’s Perfectly Okay to Not Love Yourself Sometimes

More often than not we tend to look at our flaws instead of acknowledging all the beautiful things about ourselves. It’s alright to not feel insanely happy at all times and we should simply accept all our mood swings as they come instead of fighting them since that rarely ever helps and mostly aggravates our discontentment and bitterness.


Lower Your Expectations

It can’t be emphasised enough how all other reasons for low self esteem come secondary to expecting too much. It’s definitely easier said than done but once you stop expecting people to behave in a certain manner or situations to pan out in a particular way, you’ll see how the problems were all imaginary.


Try Not to over-think It

Self-pity and low self-esteem go hand in hand, which is why over-analysing your disposition doesn’t do much besides pulling you down into the quick-sand of self-pity which is a place no one wants to find themselves in. Distract yourself from your thoughts by engaging into some activity.


Find a Hobby/ Nurture One

The more you remain busy the less you allow yourself to be engulfed by your negative thoughts. Go exercise, play sports, learn a dance form or go attend a workshop. Practising a hobby doesn’t just keep your mind off of pessimistic ideas but also keeps you fit which contributes to your overall mental and physical health.


Nobody’s Perfect

We often chase perfection like it’s the right thing to do if not the only, except we don’t realise that’s the last thing it is. A lot of us feel this constant pressure to impress the people around us which is completely natural and that sometimes leads us to becoming someone else-someone that doesn’t say no as much as they’d like to, or fails to stand by their ideals-to be able to do that, failing to realise that we’re at our most attractive when we’re unapologetically ourselves. Even if some people don’t like us the way we really are, it’s their problem and they’ve got to deal with it.


Forgive Yourself

‘Forgive and forget’ is a phrase we all use in abundance, but how much do we really practise it? We’re so much harder on ourselves than is healthy for us to be. Sometimes, it’s alright to mess things up, we’re humans and are bound to make mistakes every now and then. But it really doesn’t help if we keep going over our mistakes and only makes us apprehensive and unnecessarily wary in the long run. Nothing heals faster than letting go.


Be Grateful

In this perpetually frantic world we often forget to take a moment to count our blessings. Practising gratefulness instils a sense of calm in our minds and takes the stress away, flooding our system with positivity and energy. Expressing gratitude and sharing it with others helps us feel less lonely and more at peace with everything.


Put Yourself First

Nothing matters as much as you do. You should never feel guilty for being a little selfish because if you’re not happy you’ll never be able to give your 100% in anything and will tend to draw negative attention to yourself, unwillingly of course. Family and friends are important, their demands, opinions and ideas are too, but that shouldn’t deter you from sticking to your individuality and following your heart just because your desires and aspirations aren’t in sync with the expectations of your close ones. Most importantly, love yourself so much it hurts!

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