Lessons of the Moon ...


Lessons of the Moon ...
Lessons of the Moon ...

To the most humble of ears.

The one without ego as an accomplice, that my ask Pierce your heart and you feel at peace answer the prayer to my heart.

My want has never been full time humanity, I have never desired to be a full member of humanity.

The human experience for me is at it's best part time, my one desire was to be the observer.

Front seat at the ball is best reserved for the extrovert.
I live on a planet named earth where people feel but at acute amount but for those who feelings are a full time activity what treasures are to be found in pursuing false motives?

Luckily for me I ought not care for judgement but it creates a layer of armour and sometimes I fear those of resemblance will be the only who will care enough to see.

Ciment will be caressed into life one day to see it's own demise but the one who gave it life ought to learn the importance of others and the life of his own.
For there is no degree of separation.

I will go on for as long as my heart will take me.

This is my formula.

Some of us are born to listen to ourselves some of us are wired to do as we wish and that is OK.

This is my formula.

Because those asleep prevent those awake from seeing the sun.

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