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Absurd Myths Standing in the Way of Your Happiness ...

By Clarrie

There are so many myths that stand in the way of your happiness.

True happiness. It’s something that we all aspire to attain in our lives, but also something that can be much harder to come across then the TV shows, the songs, and the movies might suggest. Finding true contentment in your life can be really difficult because of the dozens of myths and rules that surround the quest for happiness. If you spend all of your time trying to check off a set of guidelines on a list, you will miss out on actually participating emotionally, and happiness will never be able to shine through. If you are somebody who is on a mission to achieve true happiness in your life, then here are some of the top myths that stand in the way of your happiness that you need to shut down in order to do so.

1 Joy and Happiness Are Not the Same

One of the biggest myths that stand in the way of your happiness is that it's the same thing as joy. Happiness is a temporary, circumstantial thing that can be dictated by your immediate surroundings and the situations that are affecting you in the moment. Joy, however, is a much deeper, more powerful sense of contentment that has the power to settle you in any circumstance. Not all of us can be happy all the time because our sensitivities just don’t allow it, but if we can still connect with that deeper sense of long-term joy, then there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel.

2 If You’re Sad, You Should Just Change Your Feelings

This is a really unhelpful statement because we all know that you can’t just turn your emotions on and off like a switch. Rather than forcing yourself in a different direction, embrace your current feelings, give yourself time to heal and you will find that naturally, your mood will start to lift when your mind and body are ready.


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3 You Need to Rid Yourself of Your Fears

Of course, in an ideal world, none of us would have irrational fears and worries, but this isn’t realistic. Rather than trying to give yourself a kind of immersion therapy by throwing yourself into your anxieties, instead come up with ways to manage your life around them. If you acknowledge you have them and implement coping mechanisms, you will be much happier and healthier overall.

4 Your Unhappiness is All about You

Not true. Unhappiness can feel like a very personal problem because you are the only one going through it, but rather than looking for reasons internally, examine the external factors in your life and see if you can pinpoint something to fix. Bad relationship? Stressful job? These are all things that can be rectified.

5 Once I Am ____, I’ll Be Much Happier

It’s never a good idea to put a false ideal or goal in your head that you believe will cure your unhappiness once reached. This can be dangerous because if you do achieve that goal and still feel the same way, you may start to feel even more hopeless than you did before.

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