10 Exceptional Tips to Gain More Confidence ...


10 Exceptional Tips to Gain More Confidence ...
10 Exceptional Tips to Gain More Confidence ...

Every girl needs tips to help you gain more confidence. As women, we often seem to doubt ourselves and not see our true potential. We look in the mirror and see one hundred problems when in reality, we only have one problem. We’re not being confident. When you have confidence, you’re pretty much unstoppable. It’s proven that people with more confidence are more successful. If you need some help with becoming confident, keep reading for some great tips to help you gain more confidence.

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Dress for Success

It’s true that when we know we look good, we feel good. Put on some of your nicest clothes, do your makeup and hair then stand in the mirror and tell yourself that you look good. It’s amazing how well that can immediately change the way you view yourself. This is one of my favorite tips to help you gain more confidence.


Face Your Fears

When you’re constantly straying away from something that you’re scared of or something that’s out of your comfort zone, you’re letting your fear take over, resulting in a lack of confidence. If one of your fears is public speaking, there are classes and groups that can help you overcome that fear. Once you overcome a fear, you just proved to yourself that you can do what you thought was impossible. That’s a great feeling.


Accomplish One Small Goal a Day

Every morning, come up with one small thing that you want to get done that day and write it down. Completing a goal is motivating and you get a sense of accomplishment. This boosts your confidence because you feel successful. Once you complete that small goal, try completing bigger goals. Don’t forget to reward yourself!


Cut Toxic People out

One of the most difficult but important things you can do is remove the toxic people out of your life. Whether it’s a friend or a family member, if somebody is constantly making you feel terrible about yourself, let them know how they’re making you feel and then distance yourself from them, even if it’s just for a while.


List Everything You’re Good at

Making a list of everything you’re good at not only gets you thinking positively about yourself but it gives you a visual to look at every time you are feeling down. Keep this list in plain sight so you can reach for it whenever you need a boost of confidence. Also, try to add to the list every day!


List Everything You Could Improve

Listing everything that you could improve is about as important as listing everything you’re good at. The reason why is everything on this list can easily be transferred to the “everything I’m good at” list. To do this, next to everything you think you can improve on, write down steps you can take to improve and then put your game plan into action.



Going to the gym or something as simple as going for a walk every day can be empowering. When you know you’re doing something beneficial for your body, you’ll feel better about yourself and the results will keep you confident.



Smiling is such a simple thing to do but has a powerful impact on the way you feel and even on everybody around you. If you’re walking down the street and smile at somebody, chances are they’ll smile back at you. It’s a contagious and simple act of kindness.


Dance around to Empowering Music

One of my favorite ways to feel more confident is to blast some empowering music such as, Confident by Demi Lovato, and dance around my whole house. Let the music move you. I guarantee you’ll be feeling confident and ready to take on the day after the song is over.



This is probably one of the most crucial things you can do for yourself. Getting enough sleep plays a huge factor in how you feel the next morning. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll probably be grouchy, sluggish, and overall not in the best mood. So make sure you’re getting your beauty sleep so you can be your best self the next morning!

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