7 Things Your Childhood Self Would Love about You Now ...


7 Things Your Childhood Self Would Love about You Now ...
7 Things Your Childhood Self Would Love about You Now ...

Your childhood self would be proud of all of your current accomplishments. When you’re feeling bad about yourself, think of how far you’ve come in life. There have been so many great things that you’ve done and tough moments that you’ve gotten through. The next time you feel poorly about yourself, think of how proud your childhood self would be of everything that you’ve accomplished.

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Looking Good

When you’re young, you don’t have much control over your hair color or your clothes. Even if you’re not currently confident with your looks, you’re able to choose what you want to wear. You can buy your own clothes, color your hair, and create a style that you’re comfortable with. Your childhood self would be proud of how much you’ve grown (remember how badly you wanted to be tall?). They would be in awe of you, just by looking at what you’ve become.


Learning Experience

Is there something you wished you could do when you were little, but never got the chance to do? Maybe it was playing the piano or learning to ride a bike. If you’ve accomplished something that you never had the chance to do as a kid, be proud! If you haven’t done it yet, but you still want to learn, then give it a try. Your childhood self is rooting you on.


Granted Independence

Your parents handle most things for you when you’re little, so you have little independence. Now you’re able to do more things on your own. If you have a license, you’re able to drive wherever you want. The entire world is open for you to explore. Even if you’re still dependent on a parent or a spouse, remember how much more independence you have now than when you were a child.


Move along

When you’re a kid, it’s hard to do simple things like color inside of the lines. When you’re older, you’re met with more challenges. You have to deal with ‘real life’ issues that plague society. Your younger self would be proud of how much you’re able to handle without breaking. Even if you struggle, you’re still living and making it through every tough day.


Real Relationships

Boys have probably been on your mind since you were young. Every girl dreams about her first kiss and going out with a group of friends. Your childhood self would be proud of the boy you’re dating or the friends you have. It feels like a challenge to make friends, but you’ve managed to do so. Be proud of how far you’ve come!


Capable Kid

People talk about responsibility as if it’s a bad thing, but it’s a grand thing. When you’re little, you’re not trusted to do certain activities. Now that you’re older, others trust you and rely on you. You’re no longer treated as if you’re incapable of doing anything. Your abilities are no longer diminished.


Dreams into Reality

When you’re little and you want to become a surgeon, there’s not much you can do. As you grow older, you can start looking up information online and enrolling in classes. Your dreams aren’t as unreachable as you age. They’re more realistic, because you have the ability to chase them. If you try your hardest, you’ll be able to accomplish any goal.

We have a different set of goals when we’re children, but that doesn’t change the fact that our past selves would be proud of our current selves. What do you think the childhood you would be proud of? What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome?

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Omg such an interisting article , Im sure no one ever tought about that b4.

My childhood self would be disgusted and disappointed on how I turned out. I never did any of the things I wanted to.

I've been feeling down lately after being sick and having to stay home. I've felt like a bum, but this made me feel a bit better. I never thought about it this way and I've actually accomplished quiet a bit so far. =)

For me as a kid I always dreamed to drive, go to Europe, have a boyfriend and be an only child (no offense). Now I'm here and I'm driving everywhere, I have an amazing boyfriend, I went to France and my siblings are away at college and I'm practically an only child.

Hmm i reckon my childhood self probably loves the fact that i still play lots of computer games and wii games, always going to be a gamer!

Love this! It's so easy for us to forget what we can do and accomplish. I often remind myself when staring out the car window in traffic that I thought I'd never be able to drive and passed my theory test on the 4th attempt! We get there in the end

This post made me feel great about myself! We have gone quite far!

I have my first driving lesson tomorrow ever! Wish me luck my childhood me would be so proud, I always sat on my dad's lap and he made me drive and now I'm taking the first step to doing it all by myself, woohoo independence

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