9 Ways to Feel like Yourself Again ...


9 Ways to Feel like Yourself Again ...
9 Ways to Feel like Yourself Again ...

Sometimes you just need ways to feel like yourself again. Maybe you have been really busy lately, or perhaps you have been feeling extremely down. Whatever the case, we all deserve to feel good about ourselves. Take a few minutes and look over these ways to feel like yourself again.

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Retrace Your Happiness

One of the most effective ways to feel like yourself again is to retrace your happiness. Look back on your life and see the things that truly made you happy. When was the last time you smiled? When was the last time that you felt relevant? It would not hurt to learn about yourself from your past.


This text is part of a blog post on ways to feel like yourself again, specifically targeted at women. It encourages readers to reflect on what has made them happy in the past and to use that to find themselves again. Many of us can get bogged down in our daily routines and forget to take time to prioritize our own wellbeing. Retracing our happiness can be a powerful way to reconnect with our sense of self. It can also help us to identify our core values and what matters most to us. Taking the time to reflect on our past happiness can help us to find our way back to feeling like ourselves again.


Find a New Passion

Maybe the reason that you do not feel like yourself is because you have changed mentally, but you are still involved with a hobby of a younger you. As we grow and age, it is important to realize that some of our hobbies do not fit our lifestyles anymore. Maybe instead of video games you can channel your energy into a new art class. Perhaps taking ballet just doesn’t feel rewarding anymore. Why not try out a Pilates or Zumba class? The key here is to reinvent yourself through a new passion.


Fall in Love with Yourself

When you are always jumping from one task to the next, you never really have time to look in the mirror and see how much you have grown. It is high time that we all set aside time to really rediscover ourselves. We are beautiful people. There is just so much to be in awe of, so slow down and love yourself.


Appreciate Your Life

The easiest thing to do, in my opinion, is to take your life for granted. It quite easy to get wrapped up in the media’s representation of what happiness should look like. Instead, create your own template of what happiness should be. Be sure to include what you already have and what you have already accomplished.


Donate Your Time

Have you ever heard the saying, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”? Seeing the joy in others is a great way for you to appreciate yourself once more. Just as those who are less fortunate find ways to be happy with very little, you will also find a way to be happy again.


Spring Clean All the Time

Spring cleaning is often seen as that special time when all the cobwebs are dusted and the old clothes are given away, but I look at it differently. I think that in order to feel like yourself again, you must do a mental “Spring Cleaning” often.


Spring cleaning is not just about clearing out the physical clutter in our lives, but also taking the time to do a mental “Spring Cleaning”. This can be done by taking a few moments to reflect on our lives and make sure that we are living in alignment with our values and goals. Taking the time to declutter our thoughts and feelings can help us to feel more grounded and connected to ourselves. We can do this by taking a few moments each day to practice mindfulness or meditation, or by journaling and reflecting on our experiences. Taking the time to do this often can help us to feel more like ourselves again.


Renew Your Friendships Often

Don’t you wish that you could just hit a refresh button for your friendships? Maybe part of the reason as to why you do not feel like yourself is that your friendships have grown stale. When was the last time you enjoyed a good GNO (Girls’ Night Out)? Perhaps it is time to just call up your girls and reconnect with each other. You can always tell what type of person you are by the company you keep. So if you have not been keeping in the company of good friends, perhaps it is high time that you make new friends. You know, get a new crew.


Enjoy Your Family

Your family is not limited to only the people you are related to. You can have a dance family or a team that acts like your family when you are away from your actual family. Whomever you love, be sure to enjoy their company. Family picks you up when you are down. Family is what made you into the person you are today. They are the first people to teach you how to love. They have helped shape you identity from the get go. Their presence is sure to help you feel at peace with yourself again.


Remember That Change Comes with Time

The reason that you may not feel like yourself at the moment may be because you are going through a significant change. To be honest, we are all changing, all the time. Do not rely on your past alone to make you feel secure in your future. You have to keep rediscovering yourself in order to continue to feel like yourself. It is sort of like that phrase, "You have to love yourself first before anyone can ever love you." You have to find yourself before you can feel like yourself again.

Life hits us all in different ways. Don't be too hard on yourself if you don't feel like yourself. Learn to love and appreciate the special person that you are. How will you view yourself in a new light?

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