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The seven leadership quotes from Abraham Lincoln that you will read in this list are not even one percent of his collected nuggets of wisdom that leaders should be reading and drawing inspiration from. But I chose these quotes from Abraham Lincoln because at some points in my life, they provided me with the perspective and motivation as I worked on being a leader in my professional endeavors and in my own home. Here are seven quotes from America’s 16th President:

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Responsibility Abraham Lincoln is a leader who advocated the importance of facing your fears and staying strong in fighting them. This line should make leaders realize that whatever they do in the present can affect the future. This is one of the strong quotes from Abraham Lincoln that tells us that we shouldn’t delay any immediate action to a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.


Abraham Lincoln’s wisdom truly encapsulates the essence of proactive leadership. By confronting issues head-on, leaders pave the way for a more sustainable and promising future. As we reflect on Lincoln’s wisdom, we're reminded of the ripple effects our decisions have—not just in our immediate environment, but for generations to come. Lincoln’s foresight teaches us the value of courage and determination, encouraging leaders to act with conviction even when the path ahead seems daunting. Let his words inspire a sense of urgency and responsibility in us all.



Commitment What else does? Not luck, I am sure. When you commit, you move heaven and earth to fulfill your promise. There is no such thing as broken promises to leaders who commit because they deliver.


Whatever You Are

Whatever You Are It doesn't matter where you are right now, what your work is, or who you are working for. Just be good – be a good person. If you’re a janitor, be the best janitor that you can be. If you’re a nurse, be good at your work. Good people are always rewarded with many happy returns.


Stand Firm

Stand Firm Know what you are fighting for: do your research, ask around, ask yourself, decide, and be firm with your decision. When you know that you are fighting for a good cause, you will always stand your ground and will defend your stand no matter what happens – no matter how many people ridicule you or make fun of you.


Sharpening the Axe

Sharpening the Axe Ever heard of the expression that “you sharpen your tools before going to war”? This is exactly what Lincoln shared to us in this line: that preparation is key to getting a job done faster with a better result. People who sharpen their tools before going to war face their opponents with a steady, ready stance that is impossible to beat. They have a rebuttal speech for every counter argument.


Look for the Bad

Look for the Bad This made me smile. It’s very true. When someone wants to find a fault in another person, he/she will find it most of the time. A serial pessimist will always find something bad in any person, situation, and event.


Live a Good Life

Live a Good Life I want to break out into the song “Seasons of Love” (from the Broadway musical Rent) because the part of the song that goes “How do you measure a year in a life?” is so much in tune with this quote. Whatever you are in an organization, you should aim to live a good life – and make the most of your life in those years. It’s a very optimistic view that people who are in the rat race should ponder on.

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Good Ole Prez. Abe....good inspiring words!!

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