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There are Alice in Wonderland quotes that will make you feel comfortable in your own skin. The story follows a young girl who ends up in a nonsensical world that confuses her, but teaches her about herself. If you haven't read the original Lewis Caroll tale, you should do so. There are plenty of Alice in Wonderland quotes that will make you love yourself more, which is why you should make time to sit down with the book.

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Warped Reality

Centauro,text,font,line,brand, People might think you're crazy for what you believe or wear or say, but it doesn't matter. Everyone lives different lives, and holds different opinions. This is one of the Alice in Wonderland quotes that you should think about when you're feeling low, because it'll remind you that there's nothing wrong with being different. It's a blessing, not a curse.


Monumental Moments

text,poster,advertising,oreveroD,Rabbit, Time is a funny thing. Although it moves at a constant pace, a minute can feel like a second or like an eternity, depending on what's occurring. Never forget that time is precious, and that you shouldn't waste a moment of it.


Percieved Personality

text,handwriting,tattoo,font,skin, You're constantly changing, even if you don't think that you are. Every single day, you learn new things that shape you into the person that you are. Don't be scared if you're different than you were yesterday. That's the way it should be.


Doubtful Decisions

text,One,day,Alice,came, Even if you don't know what you want from life, it doesn't mean you should stop moving. You have to keep going, even though you're not sure which direction to take. All that matters is that you're trying to find happiness in life.


Incredible Impossibilities

Bon Vivant,font,brand,calligraphy,sometimes, There's nothing wrong with believing in the impossible. In fact, it's healthy to use your imagination a bit. If you don't, then life gets boring. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box.


Weird Worlds

text,font,line,handwriting,shape, This is one of the more confusing quotes from the story, which will cause you to think. If you had a world of your own, what would it hold? Would it be better than reality, or are you happy with the way your life currently runs?


Who's Who

text,black,font,darkness,album cover, It's okay to question whom you are. You don't need to know exactly what you want from life, as long as you're happy. Stop trying to figure out why you act the way you do, and go with the flow.


Alice once said, "I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then." Embrace your journey without the burden of yesterday's expectations. Our growth springs from the whimsical twists and turns of our own personal wonderlands. Like Alice, you may sometimes feel lost or even ‘mad’, but remember—it's all part of the adventure. So, leap into the rabbit hole of life with curiosity and let your story unfold in its own unique way.


Important Privacy

text,font,handwriting,brand,emotion, There's no reason to worry about other people's problems when you have enough of your own. No one wants to be gossiped about, so you should respect your friend's privacy.


Constant Changes

text,font,advertising,illustration,drawing, You're going to change throughout life, and you shouldn't fight against it. There's nothing wrong with altering your looks or developing a slightly different personality. It happens as you age.


Universal Nonsense

font,line,brand,shape,would, Most things in life don't make sense. Instead of analyzing every single situation in order to figure out what made it happen, you should just accept it. In most cases, it will make life easier.


Cherish Craziness

text,font,handwriting,line,brand, Being sane is boring. If you're not bonkers, then you're doing something wrong. The most interesting people are the ones that are a little crazy.

Alice in Wonderland is a classic, because it teaches valuable life lessons. Although the plot is bizarre, there are some pretty inspirational quotes in it. Who's your favorite character from the story?

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Littro my favourite story alice in wonderland is.

this article is very nice :)

I love Alice in Wonderland, it's always been a favourite of mine since I've been a little girl.

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"All that matters is that you're trying to find happiness in life." Excelent post! Thank u!

This is awesome :) !

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