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7 Uplifting Quotes by Maya Angelou for Women ...

By Cris

Quotes by Maya Angelou are, without a doubt, inspiring and uplifting to all women, who inevitably encounter those down moments. Most of us are strong, steadfast, and resilient but there are just times that we need someone to remind us that no matter what we feel – happy or sad, elated or disappointed, excited or bored – we will always be special because we are unique creatures of this earth. Here are seven uplifting quotes by Maya Angelou for all women out there:

1 Nothing Can Dim the Light

text,font,handwriting,writing,emotion,This is one of my favorite quotes by Maya Angelou because it speaks so much of the person that we really are deep inside; not the type of person that people judge based on what they see on the surface. This quote motivates me to continue doing good to others even when they don’t acknowledge it.

2 Delight in Beauty

text,handwriting,font,biology,book,There is truly nothing wrong in admitting that we experienced hardships several times in our lives. Our failures and mistakes are battle scars that made us stronger and better versions of ourselves. We fell several times and we crawled the way the caterpillar did; and in those very depressing moments, we hid in our cocoons. But we are made of sterner stuff and after all those difficulties, we came out as a butterfly – beautiful and ready to face the world with a whole new perspective.


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3 Success

Raging Wire,text,font,success,loving,How many times have we let someone define success for us? How many times have we chosen to ignore our own happiness because others will not be pleased by our choices? In life, you take only one of these two options: love life or hate it. Those who chose the former always come out victorious.

4 Young Girl

text,font,pattern,art,design,There are times when we like to be the damsels in distress but in general, we take charge and we take control. This is our moment. Let’s embrace it!

5 Whining

text,wood,writing,dAu,MINING,I whine a lot. But Maya Angelou is right in saying that whining can be dangerous. Whining, especially persistent and consistent whining, is totally unhealthy. It doesn't make a person live her life to the fullest. I remember another saying that goes: “Before you say you can’t, make sure you have done everything you can.”

6 A Brand-new Path

Hassia Schuhe,text,grass,green,font,There is always room for growth and as women, we know that all too well. Get out of a relationship that suffocates you. Resign from a job that doesn't give you fulfillment. Break up with a toxic friend. Like having a new pair of shoes, you just have to break it in. Sometimes, it can be painful. But would you stop yourself from wearing a new one when your old pair is already worn out?

7 A Wise Woman

Mentelocale,text,font,line,shape,We choose our battles… wisely. We know when to draw our swords. We know when to use our smiles. A woman is special creature blessed with the beauty of Aphrodite and the wisdom of Athena.

Are there any more quotes or poems by Maya Angelou that inspire you?

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