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When you think of spiritual teachers, you probably think of the Dalai Lama but the other name which has become synonymous with the modern day quest for spiritual enlightenment, is Deepak Chopra and there are some fabulous Deepak Chopra quotes to make you feel more centred. Deepak Chopra has written some great books such as "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success", which I keep by my bedside and re-read when I need reminding about what is important in life. Here are some great Deepak Chopra quotes, which will make you feel uplifted and ready to tackle the day.

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Be Happy

Be Happy I love this quote and it's so true. If you rely on external factors to influence your happiness then you might be in trouble. Appreciation and gratitude are key and this is one of the great Deepak Chopra quotes which reminds us to be happy for no reason, just because.


Deepak Chopra's wisdom encourages us to find joy within ourselves rather than seeking it in the material world. Our emotions shouldn't be solely dependent on external circumstances, but rather on our inner state of being. Cultivating a sense of inner peace and contentment is a powerful practice that allows us to remain centered, even during life's inevitable ups and downs. Remembering to embrace happiness as a personal choice can transform our lives profoundly, leading us to a more fulfilled and balanced existence.


Let Go

Let Go Sometimes we hold onto things super tight and create an attachment, incessantly worrying about money and the quest for success. This can make it difficult to live and enjoy the moment. Just letting go, breathing and being in the moment will allow you to enjoy life and all that it can offer right now.


The Power of Solitude

The Power of Solitude This is another one of my favourite Deepak Chopra quotes. It's primarily about the power of meditation and the ways in which sitting in solitude for a few moments a day can help. It really is very powerful and can help you clear your mind and feel ready to take on the challenges of the day. Just five minutes every day can have a profound effect.


Love Yourself

Love Yourself We are our own worst critic and love to put ourselves down, often thinking that we're not good enough or not worthy. Actually, I have news for you, to steal the words from a well known cosmetic company, you're worth it and loving yourself that little bit more is the key to your happiness. Have you noticed how the most attractive people seem to be at peace with themselves? You can't quite pin-point exactly what it is but it's almost as though they have an innate sense of self acceptance, which makes people gravitate towards them. Love yourself and people will love you back!


Down with the Negative

Down with the Negative We all know how powerful thoughts can be and negativity can breed negativity once it takes hold. It can plant its parasitic seed within and deplete you of your joy. Get rid of the negativity within and think positive thoughts for true peace and happiness.



Gratitude We have all heard about the power of gratitude and this quote is another reminder of the way in which gratitude can have profound effects on our lives. Practicing gratitude is another one of the ways to feel happy and more at peace in life.



Karma I don't know whether you believe in karma or the idea of what goes around comes around, but I do believe in trying to do the right thing or what feels right at the time. I love this quote because it reminds me to do right by others and everything will fall into place.

These are some of my favorite Deepak Chopra quotes and there are no many more. Which are yours?

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