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7 Incredibly Amazing Quotes from Star Wars That Are Humbling ...

By Cassandra

As it's one of my favorite film series, I love leaving little quotes from Star Wars around the house for friends and family to find. I've always been a fan of the Star Wars series because of the amount of inspirational lines hidden within the entire franchise. Watching the films motivated me to read the books and see whether the intensity of the messages came across differently on the page. After reading the entire series, these incredibly amazing quotes from Star Wars stayed with me and have inspired me no end.

1 Don't Just Try

Don't Just TryIn my opinion, this is definitely one of the best quotes from Star Wars. Spoken by Yoda, my favorite character in the entire series, these wise words are very powerful. Don't just try to accomplish your goals; work at it. If you try to do something and it doesn't end up going your way, that's no excuse to give up.

2 Focus on Reality

Focus on RealityIf you want something bad enough that you are willing to go through moments of struggle for it, you have to remember to keep yourself focused on the prize. Don't let yourself become blindsided by outside factors or materialistic needs. You have to create your own reality.

3 Freedom

FreedomI love that this quote can be taken in various contexts. Your freedom to speak your opinion and to be yourself is extremely important. Forcing yourself to fit in with the crowd to avoid ridicule is essentially the same as signing away those rights.

4 Dreams

DreamsYou should always to remember to dream. It doesn't matter how big or how small your dream is; the most vital thing is keeping up your resolve to achieve it. One of the worst things you can do is turn your back on your dreams because they seem too difficult to obtain. Nothing worth fighting for should come easy.

5 Keep Going

Keep GoingI respect this quote because of the fact that it encourages you to keep going no matter what happens. You don't have to be an expert at everything in order to be happy. Find one thing that you can see yourself being truly happy doing and pursue it with everything you have. People will always remember you because of your unwavering determination to fight for what you believe in.

6 Pride

PrideSpoken by Anakin Skywalker, these words are spot on. Having an ego can be incredibly destructive to your character and can lead you down a narrow path. It's better to be humble enough to let go of your ego and conceit in order to be more understanding. It takes a strong person to be able to put their own feelings aside for the greater good of their team.

7 Hope

HopeLastly, this is one of my favorite quotes from the author of series because of how utterly honest and relatable it is. Even when it seems as if the odds are stacked against you, you should never give up hope. Always keep fighting to defend your honor and your beliefs. That is the true definition of a hero.

Whether you've watched the movies or read the books, the point is that Star Wars contains an immense number of lessons that can benefit anyone. What are some of your favorite quotes from the Star War series and what about them inspires you?

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