7 Inspirational Quotes from Lost That You Will Love ...


7 Inspirational Quotes from Lost That You Will Love ...
7 Inspirational Quotes from Lost That You Will Love ...

As depressing as the show could be, there are inspirational quotes from Lost that will help you get by in life. The characters on the show dealt with deep, realistic issues (when they weren’t busy with the smoke monster). Whenever you have a rough day, remember these inspirational quotes from Lost. They’ll give you strength and let you know that you’re not alone in your struggles.

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“Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t do."

One of the inspirational quotes from Lost was screamed repeatedly by John Locke. You should never let anyone tell you what you are and aren’t capable of doing. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to, as long as you try. Don’t listen to anyone who tries to put you down. You’re in charge of your own life and can do whatever you wish to do.


“Struggle is Nature's Way of Strengthening It.”

Locke says this when he’s trying to help Charlie overcome his drug addiction. He shows the rock star a moth struggling to emerge from a cocoon. Even though he could help the insect escape, he doesn’t do so, because it gains strength by getting out on its own. Every time that you’re faced with a difficult situation, you learn something. You need to be put through hardships in order to become a stronger person.


“if We Can’t Live Together, We’re Going to Die Alone.”

You’re not going to get along with everyone you meet. However, it’s important to make friends and stay close with your family. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Don’t push the people that love you away. You want to surround yourself with people that make you happy, so that you don’t end up alone.


“Crazy People Don't Know They're Going Crazy, They Think They're Getting Saner.”

Locke said this to Jack after he thought he saw the ghost of his dead father. Everyone has moments where they feel like they’re losing their mind. Remember that as long as you realize how crazy you’re acting, you’re still sane. So try not to worry too much about your mental state. Everyone goes through rough times.


“I'd Let the Fear in, Let It Take over, Let It do Its Thing, but Only for Five Seconds”

Jack gave a speech about fear in the very first episode of the series. When you’re put in a scary situation, you can’t push your feelings away. Let your emotions in, instead of running away from them. Just don’t let the negative feelings linger for too long. You can’t let your fear hamper your judgment or ability to complete a task.


“You Have What It Takes.”

Jack’s father always told him that he doesn’t have what it takes. When he’s finally told that he does have what it takes, it strikes a chord with him. You have to believe that you’re capable of getting through life. You’re stronger than you realize you are. You need to remember that any issue you’re met with is conquerable.


“You Know, Memories Are All I've Got.”

Right before Charlie dives into the ocean, he gives Desmond a list of his top five favorite memories. Even if your life is currently a mess, you still have your memories. No one can take away your past happiness. It’s always lodged in the corners of your mind, and you can think of them whenever you want. Memories are an important part of you, and can brighten a dark day.

Even if you’ve never seen the show, you can appreciate these inspirational quotes from Lost. If you’re a fan, who’s your favorite character? What was your favorite scene?

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Oh I loved this show. I watched it every night during the summer until I finished it to the end. I cried so hard at the end because it\'s exactly what I know heaven will be like. I could watch this show over and over again and learn something new from it. These were wonderful quotes. Loved them.

Loved this show...great quotes!

Loved Charlie and Desmond... So I especially love the last quote... :)

Amazing show and great quotes

charlie pace is my favorite character and claire littleton

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