9 Inspiring Quotes from Lady Gaga to Brighten Your Day ...

Lady Gaga is known for her big heart, so it’s no surprise there is a plethora of inspiring Lady Gaga quotes. For some, it may be hard to look past her larger-than-life hair, the dramatic eyeliner, and over-the-top wardrobe, but behind the glitz and glam, there is an intelligent woman full of some really good advice. So if you’re needing a little something to brighten your day, try reading these inspirational Lady Gaga quotes.

1. On Accepting Yourself…

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Out of all the Lady Gaga quotes, this one is my favorite. This quote is a great reminder that we all have dark spots in our lives. It can be hard to put yourself out there and let yourself shine, because then people are more likely to see the flaws we all desperately try to hide. However, Lady Gaga makes us realize that the fear of our shadows is no reason to avoid the light. Everyone has a past, but it’s important to leave it behind you, just like your shadow.

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