7 Inspirational Quotes That Will Make You Feel Beautiful ...


7 Inspirational Quotes That Will Make You Feel Beautiful ...
7 Inspirational Quotes That Will Make You Feel Beautiful ...

Some days feeling good about yourself is harder than you would think, so a collection of quotes that will make you feel beautiful can definitely come in use. Feeling confident about your appearance in today’s society is a lot harder than it used to be. In fact, the current media ideal for woman’s overall appearance is achievable by less than 2% of the female population. However, let’s ignore the ideal that society believes is beautiful and focus on embracing our own beauty. Here are 7 inspirational quotes that will make you feel beautiful.

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You Are Not a Mistake

You Are Not a Mistake Curt Mega once said, “You are loved ... You were not an accident. You are not a mistake.” This is something that is close to home for all of us. We compare ourselves to others time and time again and begin to think that if we are not like others, we are abnormal. However, we need to realize that we can value ourselves so much more if we stop striving to be someone else. This is one of the quotes that will make you feel beautiful by opening your eyes to the obvious.


Ignore the Scale

Ignore the Scale It's true. the scale is only a number These wise words of Steve Maraboli carry an enormous amount of truth. Why are we judging ourselves based on some numbers on a scale when there is so much more to us?


Be True to Yourself

Be True to Yourself I think it is obvious what Ralph Waldo Emerson meant when he said this quote. Society is pushing us into a world of sameness, in which every woman should be skinny, tall and just plain beautiful. Why should we conform to society’s standards when we can stand out instead of following the crowd?


Exquisite Beauty

Exquisite Beauty Edgar Allan Poe was completely accurate about the concept of exquisite beauty, because beauty doesn’t have a standard. You are beautiful if you have something strange or unique about yourself that catches someone’s eye. Every has their own ‘strangeness in the proportion’ and that is what makes them beautiful.


Media Distorts the Definition of Beauty

Media Distorts the Definition of Beauty When saying this, Cheri K. Erdman wanted to point out that we often forget that the models and the celebrities we see in the magazines are photoshopped! They are not perfect and they have their own flaws. Photoshop is just the media’s way of tricking us. We often compare ourselves to those people on billboards and commercials, but we are striving for something that doesn’t exist and something that was technologically touched up!


Smiling is What’s Beautiful

Smiling is What’s Beautiful Rashida Jones is so right. I believe beauty is what you make of it. Yes you can use makeup and cosmetic surgeries to get you where you want to be, but there is nothing that can compare to the beauty of happiness. I think overall positivity and happiness that you exude as a person can make you look 100 times better than those expensive makeup tools.


Our Imperfections Are Perfect

Our Imperfections Are Perfect Beauty is 30 percent your appearance and 70 percent confidence. If you are comfortable with yourself and know how to work your flaws, you can outshine any beautiful person who stands next to you. It is all about your state of mind.

Beauty is a sensitive topic for many women around the world who struggle to look like the models on the cover of a magazine. However, none of those standards of beauty that society created exists. There is no person on this world who doesn’t have something to feel self-conscious about. We all have flaws that we just have to learn how to embrace. So let's embrace our own beauty instead of conforming to the society ideal. What do you admire about yourself the most and what makes you feel beautiful?

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These all make me want to pound my chest like Tarzan while singing out "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar". LOL!! I sure need to think of these quotes.... I've been TOO down in the dumps lately. :-( Thanks for this post.

I sure need this quotes to boost my self esteem

Might make one of these my senior quotes!

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