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Change in life is inevitable and sometimes it's difficult to cope with, but I would like to share some of the best quotes about change, which may help you embrace it rather than fear it. Many of us are fearful of change and when we get used to something, it's difficult to see the positive in the change. There is also the idea that change needs to happen for something positive to emerge. These quotes about change are a wonderful reminder that life is all about change and that it's not necessarily a bad thing.

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Things Change

Things Change Everything changes. Flowers grow from a bud, then they bloom, wither and die. Thinking about this process is quite powerful because the flower doesn't resist the change, it just accepts it and continues to bud, bloom and die. This is one of those quotes about change which reminds us that we need to embrace change because it's in everything. After all, we're changing day by day, whether it's our bodies or our thought processes. We're all agents of change.


It's in Your Hands

It's in Your Hands Someone once said that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, is the epitome of insanity and this quote reminds us that if there is something in our life that we need to change, we are the people the do it.


The Danger of Passivity

The Danger of Passivity There is also the danger of being passive and waiting for change to occur because we believe it's inevitable. Sometimes however, we need to take life by the hand and show it the way, rather than waiting for it to happen.



Blink We also need to remember how fragile life is and the fact that we have to enjoy every moment. As this quote says, things can change in an instant, which might not necessarily be tragic but it might make you look back and wish you had cherished those moments a little more. I know it sounds morbid but when I say goodbye to people, I often do it as though it's the last time I will see them. Because you just never know.


Embrace It

Embrace It If change comes along, don't resist it. Embrace it and enjoy it because it is happening for a reason. The reason may not be immediately obvious but it will become so in time.


Look Forward

Socrates was a wise man who said some wise things and this quote is no exception. It's another reminder that what resists, persists. In order to be happy and at peace therefore, we must look forward rather than wishing we were back in the old situation.



Attitude I have saved my favourite until last and this one from the late and great Maya Angelou reminds us that if there is something we're not entirely happy with, we have the power to either change it or change our attitude towards it. It's something I always tell myself when the going gets tough.

These are my favorite quotes about change, which are yours? Maybe you know some others. I would love to hear!

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