How to Recognize the Negative People in Your Life ...


How to Recognize the Negative People in Your Life ...
How to Recognize the Negative People in Your Life ...

Part of the issue with toxic relationships is knowing how to recognise the negative people in your life. To try to live the best life that you can, one of your main daily objectives should be to live as positively as possible. Being positive is never going to be a bad thing in any situation, but there definitely is one drawback. If you are a naturally positive person, it can often be difficult to recognise when there are people around you who might be giving off a different kind of energy. You may not notice it in real time, but there might just be an individual or even a group of people in your life who are consciously trying to counteract your positivity with unnecessary negativity. Here is how to recognise the negative people in your life!

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Disregard Boundaries

You are always having to tell or remind that what they are doing is making you uncomfortable or anxious, and this is because their negative outlook has lead to them disrespecting and disregarding your own personal boundaries.



They have a tendency to lie about things, from little white lies that you pick up to big red ones that can have a real effect on your relationship. Their own negativity can lead to them making things up to deflect from their own lives.



A negative person often feels out of control of their own life, and as a result that will try to control you instead, always making the group decisions even if that decision isn’t something that you would have necessarily chosen for yourself.


All Take, No Give

Do you find yourself putting a lot of effort in to your relationship with this person, only to receive nothing back? This is a classic sign of selfish and negative person. They would to feel life and friendship from you, but don’t have the inclination to give it back when a better person would.


Nothing Positive

No matter what situation you are in or what conversation you are having, they never have anything positive to add to the mix. This kind of damaging energy isn’t something that you need in your life.


No Support

If they are someone who never believes in you and the things that you want to achieve, then you have to question why exactly you are still allowing them to be a presence in your life? It’s way too short to be spending it with negative people!

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