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7 Sources of Negativity in Your Life You Need to Get Rid of ...

By Alicia

Negativity is something no one needs in their life. It can drag you down and make you feel defeated. You can have a beautiful, powerful life achieving your dreams. You’ll find your chances of happiness are much greater when you get rid of these sources of negativity.

1 Discouragement from the past

Discouragement from the past is all those little messages people have sent you that you can’t achieve your goals. They’re also those hurtful comments that you’ve never let go of. Everyone has had things like that said to them at some point in time. The important thing is that you don’t hold onto them any longer. Choose to only allow positive, encouraging messages space in your heart.

2 Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships can drain you of any positivity that you may be feeling. They’re something you definitely need to be careful of. The truth is that most of us have at least one or two toxic relationships in our life. It may be time to cut them out. If that isn’t a possibility then at least consider putting some boundaries in place to offer you protection from that toxicity.


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3 Lack of Support

If you don’t have support in your life then you need to reach for it by going where the love is. This phrase is something I heard a couple of years ago when I was going through something personal. When there’s someone in your life, be it friend or family member, that isn’t giving you what you need, choose to move on. It doesn’t mean that you sever ties. What it does mean is that you’re wise enough to turn to those that can offer you the love and support you need for life’s journey. Going where the love is will always fill your heart with joy.

4 Anxiety

Anxiety is a negative emotion and a big source of negativity. While everyone feels anxiety sometimes, you don’t want to allow that to take over your life. Make it your goal to minimize anxiety in your life. Work on relaxing more and thinking positive. It’s not easy but with some practice, you can overcome anxiety’s hold on your life.

5 Negative Expectations

Believe the best for yourself. Picture the world smiling down on you and things going in your favor. It’s amazing that your attitude can have such a large effect on how things play out in your life but it’s true. If you expect positivity then positivity will come to you. The same will happen if you expect negativity. Making the choice to believe good things are coming your way is a choice made with wisdom.

6 Negative Surroundings

Another thing you want to get rid of when you’re cleaning negativity out of your life is negative surroundings. Purpose to build a positive life. Find a place you’d love to live and work toward that goal. Invest in a job that offers you satisfaction and happiness. Make friends that care about you and add value to your life.

7 Your Own Inner (Negative) Voice

This may be the most difficult yet the most important source of negativity to get rid of. I’m talking about your own inner negative voice. You know, that little voice that convinces you to doubt yourself? Get rid of it. When you start hearing those messages of negativity, make a decision to tell yourself something uplifting and affirming instead. Your life can and will be positive when you dig all the negativity out of it.

These’re 7 sources of negativity that you may have in your life. Do you struggle with any of them? Share your stories here.

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