5 Ways to Avoid Drama for an Easy Life ...


5 Ways to Avoid Drama for an Easy Life ...
5 Ways to Avoid Drama for an Easy Life ...

When it comes to the excitement and tension of drama, I much prefer to experience it on my TV screen and in the cinema than in my everyday personal existence! I happen to believe that the calmer and smoother your life is, the happier you will be, it’s not rocket science! The problem is, though, that drama isn’t always the easiest thing to try and avoid, some people seem to attract it no matter where they go or what they do! Here are five effective ways to avoid drama to live a much easier life!

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Set Boundaries

Work on setting boundaries in your personal and professional life that people respect and know not to cross. It’s usually when you get dragged into situations that you don’t want to be in that lots of drama comes to the surface, so if you can have strong boundaries that people know not to cross, your drama capacity will be much lower than before!


Energy Suckers

You need to let go of all of the people in your life who do nothing in your relationship but suck the energy out of you. If it is all give and no receive in terms of your friendship, then it is simply not worth having in your life. Why would you make your life harder and more exhausting than it needs to be by having toxic friendships?



Be more proactive in the way that you make decisions in your life, because being more proactive means that you can better navigate situations to orchestrate the least dramatic and stressful path possible! If you just let life happen to you rather than attacking it with energy, you are more likely to run in to trouble along the way.



Always try to look for the silver lining in every cloud rather than being negative. People who have a negative attitude are much more likely to attract drama or more drama out of harmless situations those who are optimistic and positive.


Hiding Problems

Don’t be one of those people who buries their issues deep down inside and hopes they will go away, because they will always be there under the surface and will pose the threat of bringing drama to any situation that you might find triggering. Try talking to someone instead!

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