Video Guide on How to Respond to Being Left out ...

By Leiann

Video Guide on How to Respond to Being Left out ...

To get to the point, do you ever feel left out? It is Friday night. You get no text. You get no call.

Well, Faye tells you just what to do in this brief video, packed with a "sandwich"...

Published on Sep 26, 2013

You may even live with these "friends". This situation is even more tough. They are "buddy-buddy", talking about where they are going and who they are going to see. Worse yet is the "whisper-whisper". You know...quietly talking then giving you the "stare".

Remember not to hold your feelings inside. If you feel hurt, let it out!

If you are told you are being too sensitive, say, "No, you are the one being 'insensitive'". Personally, I would ask the person to place themselves in my shoes.

Pack your sandwich! Approach in a positive manner, place the negative in the midde, then close with another positive.

Good luck!

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