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"Keep It Real" to Achieve Happiness Faster and for Longer ...

By Melissa

We all want happiness, right? Really, I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have a life filled with glee and peace. Ultimately that all rests in your own hands. So how to do you get that happiness? The simple answer is, “keep it real.” Be real with yourself. Be real with your friends and family. Be true to yourself and your worries will greatly decrease. Here's how to find longer lasting happiness.

1 No Lies

One way to keep it real is to always be honest. You know if you have ever told a lie, it is usually followed by another lie and then another lie until you have an entire web of lies to keep your story straight. Living like that is too much stress for me. Just be honest from the start. In the end, people will appreciate your honesty far more than your lies.

2 Fake Friendships

Being real means no more fake friendships. Are you “friends” with certain people so others will think you are cool? If so, I bet you get stuck doing a lot of things you would rather not do. That’s not fun, girl. Be true to yourself. Make friends who share your mutual interest. Make friends whom you find exciting. You should look forward to hanging out with people, not dread every minute.

3 Haters

You’ve probably noticed some haters. Maybe you’ve been one of them. I’m not saying that “keeping it real” won’t come without a few haters. But, if you are being real, you’ll be too busy enjoying your life to worry about what they are thinking. You will also be too busy to get caught up in other people’s business.

4 Drama

We don’t want drama. Drama is exhausting and drains every bit of joy out of life. Just by avoiding lies, fake friends, and haters, you will have already released much of the drama in your life. If you got other drama creeping in, it’s time to set it free. Let your friends know you are keeping it real and not letting drama into your life. They can check that at the door.

5 Negativity

We all know those people who bring in bad vibes. They suck the fun out of everything. Their very presence gets under your skin. They may even cause your eyes to twitch a little. It really sucks when these people are family members whom you can’t completely cut out of your life, but you can keep it real with them. Let them know that their constant dim outlook on life is weighing you down. Ask how you can help them chipper up. Unfortunately, if that doesn’t work it might be time to limit your time with these negative people. Check your social media feeds too. You’d be surprised how much negativity you are letting in. Stop following the bad vibes.

6 Doing What Makes You Happy

What makes you happy? For some of us that is a tough question. We are so used to doing what makes everyone else happy that we forget what makes us happy. Girl, stop that now! Keep it real and focus on your own happiness for a minute. I’m not saying you have to forget about everyone else, but make sure your day is filled with a couple of things that make you smile a little too.

7 No Regrets

Live without regrets. Go for the things you want. It’s better to try and fail than to wonder if you would have made it. What’s that saying? Something like, “You miss every shot you never took.” How true is that? What shots are you missing?

Keeping it real is all about being true to yourself. Align with people who share your likes and values. Enjoy the things that bring you joy and cut out all the crap. Take a moment and focus on you and build positive relationships. Everything else will fall into place. How do you keep it real, and how has it improved your life?

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