7 Challenging Scorpio Traits and How to Overcome Them ...


The horoscope sign of Scorpio is a very interesting one. As a Scorpio, you have many wonderful traits in your personality. However, you also probably deal with a few challenging ones. While you probably won’t have all of them, these’re some common challenging Scorpio traits that you may have in your personality and some helpful ways to deal with them.

1. Jealousy

Jealousy is something that Scorpios struggle with. This can show up in a couple different ways. It could be that you feel jealous in a romantic relationship. In that situation, you can evaluate your relationship and decide if there’s a valid reason to feel that way. If you know that your relationship is strong then reassure yourself there’s no need for jealousy. You may also feel jealous of things that others have in their lives. Working at being happy for them is the key to overcoming this sort of jealousy.

Being Suspicious of Others
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