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7 Challenging Taurus Traits and How to Overcome Them ...

By Alicia

If you’re a Taurus then I don’t have to tell you you’re a fabulous person with many great personality traits. But like all horoscope signs, there’re some personality traits that may be a bit challenging. You’ll probably see some of these in yourself but not all. The good thing about identifying your challenging personality traits is that you can work to overcome them.

1 You May Struggle with Jealousy

As a Taurus, you may struggle with jealousy. This challenging trait could show up in different ways in your life. You may be jealous in romantic relationships. You could feel a twinge of jealousy when your friends get something that you’ve been dying to have. Acknowledging your jealous feelings can help you to keep them in check.

2 Possessiveness May Be an Issue

Being possessive is something that a Taurus could be. You may feel possessive over people that you care about. Your possessive trait probably stems from the fact that you care so deeply over those close to you. It’s important to remind yourself that one way to love someone is to give them the freedom that they need. When you do this, you’ll probably be surprised how many times they prove their deep devotion to you in return.


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3 Stubbornness May Cost You

Having a strong will when it comes to things like being determined to get a job done or stick it out when the going gets rough is good. But there’re times that your Taurus stubbornness may cost you. If you’re being stubborn just for the sake of being stubborn and not a greater good then that’s when you have to be careful. Make sure you evaluate your motivation for being stubborn. It may reveal that you need to make some changes.

4 You Might Be Oblivious to the Feelings of Others

A Taurus is very caring about others. But sometimes they may not pick up on the cues that someone is upset. It’s not intentional. It’s usually the result of not paying attention or having other things on your mind. Making a conscious effort to be observant of others can help you to overcome this.

5 You Could Be Materialistic

Taurus individuals have a strong work ethic and that’s admirable. However, that can lead to being a bit materialistic. With their keen money sense coupled with their possessive trait, being materialistic is an easy trap to fall into. All that it takes to conquer this is perspective. Reminding yourself of what’s important in life on a regular basis can help you to remember that things are just things.

6 You May Struggle with Resentment

It’s natural to feel some hard feelings toward those who’ve hurt you or treated you unkindly. You just have to be careful not to allow that to turn into deep-seated resentment. Resentment and unforgiveness will hurt you more than anyone else. There’s a famous quote that says that “Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die” and that’s very true. Work on letting go of resentments to give yourself a better life.

7 You May Be Inflexible

As a Taurus, you may be inflexible. When you’ve got your mind made up, others may not be able to change it. You may not like it when your schedule or plans are changed. While it’s understandable to feel frustrated, it’s good to realize things will throw you or your plans off at times and that’s a part of life. Accepting that rather than spending your energy being aggravated is a healthy choice.

These’re 7 challenging traits a Taurus may have. Do you see any of them in yourself? Share your answers here.

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