7 Challenging Leo Traits and How to Overcome Them ...


As a Leo, you’ve got many wonderful personality traits. But like all horoscope signs, there’re some challenging personality traits to deal with, as well. You’ll probably see some of these in yourself but not necessarily all of them. Thankfully, you always have the choice to work on any of the challenging traits you may have.

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You’re Opinionated

As a Leo, you’re an opinionated person. You don’t have to stop and think what your opinion of anything is because you already know. It’s good to know your mind but it’s also good to remember that you may need to be a bit more open-minded. Remember that your opinions may not always be accurate. Leaving room for that possibility can help you to overcome this challenging trait.


You May Be Possessive

A Leo may be possessive, especially in their relationships. You love very deeply when you’re a Leo. You don’t mean for your possessiveness to be a negative thing. It’s something that comes out of your affection and caring heart for others. Remembering that truly loving someone means giving them freedom is something that can help you to overcome this personality trait.


You’re Sensitive

Being a sensitive person can be both a good and a bad thing. It can make you more likely to notice the feelings of others. It can also make you more likely to have your feelings hurt easily which isn’t a good thing. If you can relate, there’s hope in dealing with this trait. Training yourself to remember that many times others don’t mean to hurt you at all can help you to move past this.


You Could Come across as Pushy

Leos have a large and in-charge personality. They’re great at excelling in leadership positions. However, you can come across as being too pushy in your personal relationships or in your job if it isn’t in leadership. This’s one of those challenging traits that’s extra challenging to overcome. It’s a matter of learning to allow others to make their own decisions even if you don’t feel they’re the correct choices.


You’re a Bit of a Drama Queen

Leos aren’t the type to brush off things that happen to them. It’s a big deal when anything happens in your life if you’re a Leo. You may act dramatic but it’s only because things feel dramatic. That’s understandable. But it’s good to realize that just because something is a big deal to you doesn’t mean that it’s that way to everyone or that everyone wants to know about your latest drama. Although close friends may be interested, you may want to stop sharing your drama after that point.


You’re Easily Bored

A Leo does wonderfully in a job that’s got a lot of action in it. A job that has a lot of repetition is one you’ll bore of quickly. Think carefully about the sort of job that you’d like to do. If you aren’t in that type of job now, it’s never too late to change. A career change may be the best thing you ever did and bring you a lot of happiness.


You Can’t Take Constructive Criticism

Leos are easily offended people, as we discussed in the point about sensitivity. This’s very true when it comes to constructive criticism. You may feel offended when the person offering you the constructive criticism is truly only trying to help. Keeping the fact in mind that they’re coming from a positive, caring viewpoint may make it easier for you to deal with. Remember they want to help you be your best.

These’re 7 challenging personality traits of a Leo. Do you see any of them in yourself? Share which ones are true for you.

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Omg its sooo true n my husband is a Leo!

#1 hi thank you ive been trying to get my act to gether but cant stop being bad what is wrong with me!?

I can take some criticism even though its hard. All of these apply especially the one about being sensitive. If noise is too loud, then I find it hard to stand even music sometimes.

Hey, that's me alright!!

Most Of it nds a lot like me. At times I wonder what is wrong with me

Wow this article has it down pat for me

And this is why I'm proud to be a Leo....all of this grandeur...surely, there is some things be kept on check...I don't feel bad at all...just grateful for the reminder on taming the beast inside!!

Quite true! And I love being a Lioness. Born to the throne, lol.

I don't know if this applies to men as well, but it def applies to my husband!! Lol!

All of them sound like me

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