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9 Captivating Quotes by Anas Nin That Will Change Your Life ...

By Cassandra

Based on her prodigious insight and enviable eloquence, certain quotes by Anaïs Nin have been praised by critics, readers and people in general around the world. Her immense talent is undeniable; from the way she fluently brings her thoughts to life to her penchant for writing blunt messages in a painstakingly honest yet relatable manner, I find her written voice to be both inspiring and refreshing. Taking a simple glance at key pieces of her diary always manages to fill me with a sense of astonishment at her ability to convey her essence through intricate yet heartfelt words. There is no doubt that these beautiful quotes by Anaïs Nin will fascinate you and hold your heart captive.

1 As We Are

As We AreAs far as quotes by Anaïs Nin go, this is one of the most universal and sincere messages that I have ever come across. I find the concept that people often see moments as extensions of themselves to be quite true. While this usually means that they see the world through a lens, this can also be interpreted positively in the sense that people can begin to open up on a more personal level by finding elements that they see in themselves and relating to them.

2 Sink or Swim

Sink or SwimThis next quote offers sage advice. Being courageous is all about standing up for what you believe in, in spite of your fear of being judged. Don't ever let the opinion of others silence you; it's important to be brave amidst any adversity because those are the true moments that will help define who you are and what you stand for. Just be yourself and worry about the rest later!

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3 No Because

No BecauseIt's easy to see why Anaïs Nin is infamous for her love letters. Love doesn't need a reason to exist; it just does. There's no way to explain or justify it without cheapening the experience. Love people as they are without feeling the need to figure out the reasons why you do, for said reasons could be susceptible to change. If that isn't a deep message, then I don't know what is.

4 Mermaid without Fear

Mermaid without FearAs my favorite quote, I find this to be absolutely beautiful and innovative. The thought of being so fearless that you resist being weighed down by strife and any other obstacles that come your way is mind blowing to me. I make it a point to incorporate these words into everything I do; I don't let things get to me as easily as I used to because I know that they're weightless in the end.

5 Traveling Forever

Traveling ForeverIf you've ever been overcome with feelings of wanderlust, then this next quote may resonate with you. Traveling isn't simply about relocating to a foreign place; it's all about putting yourself out there, headfirst, and embracing the possibility of going on new adventures. Whether you're meeting new people or learning about different cultures, half of the journey is immersing yourself in something different from what you know. The rest relies on what you make of it.

6 Blossom

BlossomIn order to live life to the fullest, you have to take risks. Don't be afraid of breaking out of your shell; after the darkest of storms, you'll blossom brighter than a rose. Forcing yourself to take the easy route will do you more harm than good. Give yourself a chance to grow into the lovely person you were born to be.

7 Dreams

DreamsYour hopes and dreams are at the center of everything that you do. Without these as motivation, moving forward would be excruciatingly hard to do. Stay focused and never lose sight of your goals; give yourself space and time to accomplish everything you've ever dreamed of and you will be amazed by all of the worthwhile moments to come.

8 Love

LoveIn order for love to survive, you have to be honest with both yourself and your partner. Don't taint your relationship with lies, and don't diminish love's worth by allowing it to die without a fight. Pure love will never sink if you give it room to breathe and float.

9 Writing

WritingLastly, as a writer, this quote holds a special place in my heart. In my experience, writing has always been an incredibly cathartic experience for me. I find it to be the best way to be honest with yourself; the act of just putting your very essence into words is just breathtaking.

These captivating quotes by Anaïs Nin certainly helped me put everything into perspective. Are there any quotes by this phenomenal author that resonated with you? What are some of your favorite quotes that changed your life?

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