9 Captivating Quotes by Anaïs Nin That Will Change Your Life ...


Based on her prodigious insight and enviable eloquence, certain quotes by Anaïs Nin have been praised by critics, readers and people in general around the world. Her immense talent is undeniable; from the way she fluently brings her thoughts to life to her penchant for writing blunt messages in a painstakingly honest yet relatable manner, I find her written voice to be both inspiring and refreshing. Taking a simple glance at key pieces of her diary always manages to fill me with a sense of astonishment at her ability to convey her essence through intricate yet heartfelt words. There is no doubt that these beautiful quotes by Anaïs Nin will fascinate you and hold your heart captive.

1. As We Are

As We Are

As far as quotes by Anaïs Nin go, this is one of the most universal and sincere messages that I have ever come across. I find the concept that people often see moments as extensions of themselves to be quite true. While this usually means that they see the world through a lens, this can also be interpreted positively in the sense that people can begin to open up on a more personal level by finding elements that they see in themselves and relating to them.

Sink or Swim
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