The Tricks to Being More Mindful That Will Change Your View of Life ...


Mindfulness is about being in the “present” and being acute and aware but still sensitive and accepting of your feelings and thoughts.

Mindfulness meditation is used as a therapeutic technique, but there are non-meditative ways to be more mindful that will improve your well-being.

1. Be in the Moment – but What Does That Mean?

When people talk about how to be more mindful, they often talk about living in the moment.

But they don’t often define what that means or how it’s accomplished.

Being in the moment simply means enjoying where you’re at in time without connecting it to anything in the past or future.

It could be something as simple as actually stopping and listening to the birds sing, or laughing heartily at a funny joke.

It means looking at the wonder of living right here, right now.

2. Forget Multitasking Because It Fragments Your Attention

Yes, it’s what everyone strives to be able to do efficiently.

But multitasking robs you of your ability to focus.2

Most of us are used to having our attention divided and have forgotten how to focus on just one thing.

In fact, multitasking, according to one study, found it takes 50% longer to accomplish a task and we’re twice as likely to make mistakes.

Unitasking, or taking one task at a time, allows us more pinpoint concentration.

However, breaks between tasks are advised to clear your head for the next task.2

3. You Can’t Be Mindful Unless You Put Your Gadgets Away

Not forever, but have a healthy relationship with your phone and other devices, and realize they are only tools.

Set and keep specific times when you will use the gadgets, then turn them off.

Pick a gadget-free day from time to time, or don’t mess with your gadgets after a certain time at night.

Don’t allow gadgets at the table where you eat.2

Put phones away when interacting with others and really listen to what they are saying and feeling.2

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