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11 Little Changes That Will Boost Your Confidence Today ...

By Kati

What does feeling confident mean to you? As concepts, confidence and self-esteem are hugely personal. What makes you feel confident could be totally different to me, or your best friend, or your Mom. You could find looking great boosts your confidence, or feeling funny, or showing off your sharp wit and intelligence. You could find that just looking after yourself gives you a boost, or jumping into an intellectual debate. It could be helping people, or spending time with your partner. Whatever makes you feel confident, these little tips will give you a boost and make you feel on top of the world – without requiring much time or commitment.

1 Go Natural

Yep, just once, embrace yourself for who you really are. I’m not saying that you should ditch the hairbrush or throw away your lipstick, but think about the parts of you that you hide, and instead, embrace them. Always straighten your hair? Go curly. Live in heels? Rock some super cute flats. Everyone has things about themselves that they would edit, but embracing them will make you feel more natural – and give you a confidence boost.

2 Get Clean

Make a meal plan for the day, and make it clean. No, I’m not suggesting that you start a diet. When you eat badly, though, you’ll feel bad. Junk food and sugar might feel amazing whilst you’re eating it, but it’ll lead to a mood crash and some serious self doubt. Eat better, and not only will your body thank you – clearer skin, anyone? – but you’ll feel nourished and loved, too. Win.

3 Go to Bed

I’m a night owl. I could happily stay up until 4am binge watching Netflix or chatting to friends, or even just browsing the internet (or writing for AWS!). Everyone needs sleep, though. Not only do those who are well-rested look better, but they feel on top of the world, too. Ditch the tiredness and you’ll ditch feeling miserable, irritable and exhausted, too. Now go to bed!

4 Change Your Hair

Need a physical change? Hit the hairdresser. Studies have long shown that changing your hair does great things for the mind, and it doesn’t have to be drastic. You could get highlights, wash through a slightly different coloured dye, get layers or opt for a whole new style. Find a look you love and have the confidence to go for it. You only need to fake it until you’re in the chair, and then you’ll get a real (and long lasting) confidence boost.

5 Dress Better

Feeling a little shaky today? Ditch the jeans or onesie for a cute pencil skirt or dress, and add in some accessories – those earrings you love, a glitzy necklace, a scarf. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have anywhere to go, or you usually keep these clothes for best – rock them today. Changing up your look can really boost your mood and your self-esteem, and you’ll act like you’re worth a million dollars. Go raid that wardrobe!

6 Fix Your Posture

We all spend too much time hunched over computers, tablets and phones, but it’s really affecting our posture – and a poor posture has been linked with poor mental health. Make an effort to do some stretches and stand up straight. You’ll look and feel more awake and more confident, and you’ll even find your clothes fit better. Now that’s an easy win. Double points if you get in some yoga or Pilates to strengthen yourself, too.

7 Go for a Run

Yes, I’m serious. If not a run, go lift some weights or jump in the pool. Find an exercise that works for you and do it now. It alleviates stress, fills the body with feel-good hormones and your confidence will definitely lift. That’s not to mention the body toning results, too! You don’t have to love every minute – or any minute at all – just get it done. You’ll be glad you did.

8 Mantras

Need an instant boost? Tell yourself that you are brilliant. Mantras have been being used for decades because they are easy and they work. Take a deep breath and repeat to yourself that you are confident and brilliant. You can create your own mantras to fit your circumstances and worries, and then repeat them to yourself until you believe it. Once you believe it, you’ll behave like it’s true and attract it. It sounds like rubbish, I know, but it really works if you try properly. Give it a go. All together now!

9 Make a Change

Always wanted to try contact lenses, or have a professional bra fitting, or join a debate club? Fancy playing for the local cricket team or helping to organize this year’s prom? Choose something that you want to do but haven’t, and get it done. Book an appointment at the opticians. Send an email. Visit the store. Decide what you’re going to do and effortlessly do it like it’s totally the right choice. Result? Mind blowing confidence and that wonderful feeling of achievement.

10 Switch off

Give yourself permission to just switch off for a bit, and stop caring. Don’t guilt-trip yourself, don’t judge people, don’t gossip, don’t beat yourself up. Go easy on yourself, and give yourself absolute permission not to care what other people think. Once you succeed – and it might take a few tries before you really don’t care – you’ll feel happier and truer.

11 Wear Lipstick

Buy a gorgeous lipstick. For me, it’s a bright Barbie pink that lifts my pale complexion and looks brilliant with my blonde hair. For some, it’s deep reds that are reminiscent of glamorous years gone by, or deep plums that look gothically gorgeous. Whatever your colour, buy a lipstick and wear it every day. When you apply it, remind yourself that you’re great and you look gorgeous. It’ll become a confidence boost to apply the lipstick – you’ll feel the difference as soon as it’s on.

Don’t rule any of these out until you’ve tried them at least once. They might sound crazy, but they are tried-and-tested ways to get your self-esteem boosted and help you live with confidence. Do you know any other great ways to boost your confidence? I’d love to hear what’s helping you!

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